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Never Kiss and Tell: The Home Team Unleashes New Single "Hell"

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Mar 23, 2024
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Photo via Thriller Records

Thriller Records’ “heavy-pop” icons, The Home Team, are back and better than ever with the release of their newest single, Hell.

Over the past year, The Home Team have made an enormous leap in their career with sold-out tours, the release of multiple record-breaking singles, and the cultivation of a larger fanbase. Hell is yet another unique installment to the band’s discography, as it elevates everything fans have come to love about the band and stands out among their greatest hits, thus far.

This single takes the “heavy pop” label seriously, as it incorporates elements of pop-punk, “boyband pop” and funk into its sound. Ryne Olson’s bass-line is the defining factor within this single’s sound, especially with it being the first and last sound you hear in track itself. The common themes presented in this track pertain to love and toxic relationships, similar to their recently released singles, Loud and Brag. The only gripe that I have with this track is that it’s very short, coming in at a mere 2:05, which leaves the listener only wanting more.

Stream "Hell" by The Home Team on Spotify

Arguably, the best way to listen to this song (so far) by watching the single’s accompanying music video. As the song’s name is Hell, it’s quite fitting that the video takes place in Hell itself. The Home Team, once again, teamed up with director Sam Link for this video. Unlike the band's previous videos, the duo decided to take a different direction with this video be an animated one that features different animation styles inspired by Megaman, Disney's Steamboat Willie, Dante's Inferno, Street Fighter, and even Guitar Hero (which was my favorite touch, personally). Each style was excellently incorporated in the video, along with seamless transitions between the styles. Fans of the Guitar Hero games should be able to recognize the missed notes sounds during John Baran’s guitar solo later in the track!

Watch the official music video for "Hell" by The Home Team on Thriller Records' YouTube channel

The Home Team have added yet another banger to their ever-growing discography. If you haven't heard any of the band’s material before, this could very well become your new favorite track! 2024 is shaping up to be an incredibly busy year for the band, with new material and many more opportunities to see the band live, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for new music, new tours, and a whole new chapter for The Home Team!

The Home Team is:

·       Brian Butcher (Vocals)

·       John Baran (Guitar)

·       Ryne Olson (Bass)

·       Daniel Matson (Drums)

The Home Team are going "down under" with their first Australian tour as direct support for Caskets' Reflections Australia Tour:

May 10 - Perth - Amplifier Bar 
May 11 - Adelaide - Lion Arts Factory 
May 12 - Melbourne - 170 Russell 
May 15 - Wollongong - Dicey Rileys 
May 16 - Sydney - Crowbar 
May 17 - Newcastle - Newcastle Hotel 
May 18 - Brisbane - Brightside Outdoors

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