Melanie Mae Williamson

A Light in the Dark: An Interview with The Northern

Music Scene Media
Nov 24, 2023
1 min read

The Northern, a metalcore band out of Canada, has just released their latest single, “Drown”. Of the single, vocalist Mike Cutway says, “It was a self reflection on how I was feeling. I wanted something to give me a glimmer of hope in a negative moment in time when all I wanted was things to end. I knew that if I remained optimistic, I may find a light in the darkest of times.” Drummer Adam Linka also added, “It’s about drowning in your own negative thoughts and the growing pains of becoming an adult, realizing what life is all about. How when we’re kids anything seems possible, we think all people have good intentions, we’re filled with imagination and optimism, only to find out the world can be an ugly and scary place sometimes. The take away though, is that life can still be beautiful and that everybody goes through hard times. Live in the present and don’t let your past consume you.” You can listen to the powerful single, as well as check out our recent interview with Mike, Eric, and Jordan, below.


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