The DARKBLOOM Tour Comes to Charlotte, NC with We Came As Romans

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Jan 29, 2023
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The 7th stop of the DARKBLOOM Tour was in Charlotte, NC at The Underground and featured Brand of Sacrifice, ERRA, and headliners We Came As Romans. It was a sold-out show on this frigid night in the North Carolina winter, but the cold didn’t stop fans from lining up hours before doors.

Brand Of Sacrifice

Formerly known as The Afterimage (2011-2018), Brand Of Sacrifice, a deathcore band from Manhattan, New York, kicked the show off tonight. It only took minutes before the pits opened up inside the packed venue. These guys put on a great show and the fans loved it. 

Brand Of Sacrifice is Kyle Anderson (lead vocals), Michael Leo Valeri (lead guitar), Liam Beeson (rhythm guitar), Dallas Bricker (bass), and Rob Zalischi (drums). You can find their latest release Exodus here. You can find them on Instagram here


ERRA is a progressive metalcore band from Birmingham, Alabama, formed in 2009. The band was named after the homonymous Akkadian god of war and plagues. ERRA put on an energetic show from start to finish with the lead singer high-fiving the sea of crowd-surfers. It’s safe to say they gained some new fans tonight if anyone was unfamiliar with them. This was my first time seeing ERRA live and I hope they return to Charlotte soon. 

ERRA is Alex Ballew (drums, percussion), Jesse Cash (guitars, clean vocals), J.T. Cavey (lead vocals), and Conor Hesse (bass). You can find their latest release with PhaseOne titled “World Unknown” here. You can find the band on Instagram here.

We Came As Romans

We Came As Romans is a metalcore band from Troy, Michigan, formed in 2005. This was their first show back in Charlotte, NC since 2019 and fans were ecstatic. They especially loved Andy Glass who never sat still for very long during the set, keeping the energy high. We Came As Romans is a great example of a band that is thoughtful with its releases. Lead vocalist, Dave Stephens, said at the beginning of the recording process for DARKBLOOM that the band was unsure of the direction to take at first, it took a lot of trial and error to craft what they’ve given us fans to experience. A unique experience I had for the first time at We Came As Romans was the ability to vote for the setlist. During the concert, We Came As Romans had us go to to vote between “Fade Away” and “Ghosts” for the next track of the setlist. This was a very engaging experience for the fans, one I have never heard of before. I highly recommend catching this band the next time they’re in your city.

We Came As Romans are: Joshua Moore (lead guitar, backing vocals), Dave Stephens (lead vocals), Lou Cotton (rhythm guitar), Andy Glass (bass, backing vocals), and David Pucket (drums, percussion). You can find their latest album DARKBLOOM here. You can find the band on Instagram here.

We Came As Romans Setlist: Daggers / Golden / The Anchor / Lost In The Moment / Wasted Age / Cold Like War / Tracing Back Roots / Hope / Fade Away (fan vote between Ghosts & Fade Away) / Learning To Survive / One More Day / Doublespeak / Plagued / Darkbloom / Black Hole




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