Asher Greene

Hip-Hop Duo Flyana Boss Performs in Front of a Sold-Out Atlanta Crowd

Music Scene Media
Mar 10, 2024
3 min read

Hip-Hop duo Flyana Boss, consisting of rappers Bobbi and Folayan, brought their infectious energy to Atlanta on March 7th,2024. The two best friends initially rose to stardom on TikTok by posting videos of the twosome running through different areas performing their song “You Wish”. This virality eventually led to a remix with Missy Elliot, and performing as an opening act for Janelle Monáe‘s Age Of Pleasure tour.

Dressed in captivating clothing evoking the imagery of a verdant meadow teeming with colorful blooms, Flyana Boss infused the stage with an enchanting atmosphere. The attention to detail highlighted their commitment to showcasing their personality as well as translating the energy from their vibrant online presence to real life. The cozy setup was heightened by the addition of glowing synthetic foliage, adding to the magical vibe carefully curated by the duo during their shows. Their stage design was reminiscent of Karol G’s “Mañana Será Bonito Tour”. Being able to capture the same passion and detail as an international tour spoke volumes to the amount of thought was put into their show.

The crowd was continuously engaged with the pair throughout the entire show, singing along and raising the decibel level in the room. During the performance the duo invited members of the audience to come to the stage while sharing their stories of previous relationships in an effort to relate to the crowd. This moment showed the pair’s relationship with their fans and was a heartfelt moment that added to the show in its entirety.

The duo’s use of metaphors in their lyrics painted a vivid picture of their experiences and aspirations in life. The audience resonated the most with lyrics such as “Anita Baker/Sweet love so low, I need a baker/Cause I got that dough” from their song “Yeaaa”. Songs such as “Big One” and “UFHO” showcased the pair’s chemistry with each other as they performed on stage and interacted with the crowd. The concert ultimately climaxed with their hit single “You Wish” which has currently been streamed over 40 million times on Spotify. The audience loved the song so much that the echoes for an encore resonated through the venue long after the pair left the stage.

In conclusion, Flyana Boss didn’t just put on a show last Thursday, they transported their fans to a fantastical world with carefully curated outfits and set design that captured their vibrant and fun personality to be enjoyed by a sold-out crowd.



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