Heather Mier

Knocked Loose Rocked Out The Fillmore

Heather Mier
Jun 1, 2024
5 min read

On Wednesday, May 29th, Knocked Loose's headlining tour sold out The Fillmore in Silver Spring, MD. Speed, Show Me The Body, and Loathe joined the tour as support. 

From Australia, Speed was up first. They took the stage by storm with fierce energy and showcased a hardcore punk sound. They kicked off their set playing “A Dumb Dog Gets Flogged” and “Big Bite”. The crowd instantly began to open up a mosh pit and started crowd surfing. Each member took their turn at switching instruments to do vocals. They constantly jumped and two-stepped throughout their set. One of the members took a moment to say thank you to the crowd for being here. This was their first time being in the States and they set the energy for the night. They ended their set with “Real Life Love” and “Not That Nice”. 

Up next was a post-hardcore band from New York called Show Me The Body. This trio was quite the surprise. They drove straight into the first song, “Out of Place’. Even though this band slowed things down, they did not hide their unpredictable energy. After a few songs, vocalist Julian Pratt took out his banjo. They continued their set with “Loose Talk”, “Madonna Rocket”, and "Not For Love.” The vocalist had so much energy roaming around the stage while singing, and it was a sight to see. They ended their set with “Badge Grabber” and “Usa Lullaby/Body War”.

Loathe took the stage next. This progressive metal band from the UK came to surprise the crowd. They kicked off their set with “Gored”, “Dance On My Skin”, and “Screaming.” The energy of vocalist Kadeem France surprised the crowd. He is full of charisma, smiles, and nonstop dancing during songs. This got the crowd surfers going while you heard the intense drum work and heavy riffs. The vocal work of Kadeem was showcased throughout their setlist. They ended their set with “Is It Really You?” and “Heavy Is The Head That Falls With The Weight of a Thousand Thoughts”.

Finally Knocked Loose was up. Before they took the stage, they had a white curtain that you could see a cross lit up. Security took down the curtain, and the band took the stage. They started their set with “Blinding Light”. This hardcore band from Oldham County, Kentucky is on tour supporting their new album, You Won’t Go Before You’re Supposed To. The main floor was at capacity, but there were people still trying to make their way to the pit. There was not a single person standing still, even up in the balcony area. The band took no time from playing song to song without stopping. They continued their set with “Mistakes Like Fractures”, “God Knows”, and “Don’t Reach For Me”. At one point, you could see three separate pits that eventually formed into one big one. They continued to play fan favorites “Suffocate”, “Deadringer”, and “Counting Worms”. Loathe's vocalist joined the stage to do vocals during “Billy No Mates”. Before the last two songs, one of the guitarists shouted to the crowd to push the person next to you, and as soon as the song “Deep In The Willow” started, the entire room was moving. No one got a chance to stand still. They ended their set with, “Everything is Quite Now”. The band walked off stage and the crowd was still wanting more. 

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