Brittany Chavez

An Interview with Northbound

Brittany Chavez
Jun 10, 2024
3 min read

I recently had the opportunity to interview Northbound, and it was an absolute privilege to preview the new album, Juniper. The fourth, full-length, album is debuting July 12th and it is a nostalgic, inward-looking, and melodic composition that will leave fans yearning for more from the pop-informed rock group! We talked about the inspiration for the album, the motivation for the creative lyrics and sounds, and of course, what's next! Check out the interview below:

First, thank you for sharing the album advance with Music Scene Media! What a privilege. 

Of course! Hopefully you dug it. 

This album felt familiar in that nostalgic, sort of ‘Vans Warped Tour’, high school memories, coming-of-age type of way… Did you feel a little emotional recording this?

I always feel a little emotional. So…yes! 

“Baby’s Breath” was my personal favorite tune on the album- Can you tell me more about that track? Do you have a favorite?

Thank you! That’s one of my favorites too. What’s really exciting about Baby’s Breath is that it just sort of happened to me, almost like a gift that was given more than something I consciously made. I was in a confusing place and the song helped me process a lot of what I was feeling.  My favorite song is always changing, but I love Baby’s Breath and Room For Love in a way that feels different from the others. 

What inspired you this time around? Moving across the country had to bring some challenges and maybe a change of scenery was inspiring– has it been positive professionally and personally?

The majority of the record was written in the time right before I moved to LA. I think everything I was feeling that led me to leave my old life was a huge catalyst in the work. The change of scenery and lifestyle has definitely inspired the newer stuff (post-Juniper) that I’ve been working on. It’s been challenging as hell honestly, but I genuinely think moving was the best decision I’ve ever made. Most days, I really love my life. Professionally, I’m inspired by the massive divide in wealth, the blatant nepotism of the city, people who work REALLY hard, and people who only party. There’s just so much happening in LA. It’s hard to not get motivated in different ways by all the positives and negatives. The dream of being a ‘famous rocker’ is evidently quite futile and pointless when you’re around a bunch of unhappy, yet successful people. I just want to live a comfy little life that I’m hoping for music to provide, and that's kind of my new goal. 

Did you write the lyrics and music for this album? What do you want to share about the process?

I did! This time around I just wanted to make a record that was truly authentic. I spent many years self-censoring and being afraid to be seen. I’m still working on that, but this album is REALLY hard to hide behind. I’m saying everything and stepping into being myself. 

Juniper debuts July 12th! Can we expect a tour to follow? 

I would hope so! Full transparency, I am having a really hard time getting an agent on board. Being 30 and living in such an expensive city, if I’m going to tour it needs to be through an agent where the financials make sense. So yeah! Somebody sign me and get me back on the road. 

What has been the highlight of this stage in your career? Do you have some goals for 2024?

The highlight has truly been showing more of myself than I ever have and seeing that the world didn’t end. Whether that be in the lyrics or even just like being visible and posting on the internet a lot. My goals are to keep making music I’m proud of and stay true to the work. An agent and tours would be dope too. 

Who inspires you? Have your musical influences changed over the course of four albums?

Max Bemis from Say Anything has been my number-one inspiration for over 10 years. He’s so good at saying normal things in a crazy way. Honestly, for better or worse, I’m still inspired by the pop-punk of 1997-2005. The Starting Line was always big for me but became huge in the last couple of years. 

If someone has never listened to you guys before, how would you describe your sound? Any comparisons? 

Whenever normies ask what kind of music I make, I say that it’s pop-informed rock. Nostalgia of the 2000s with modern production and energy. Emotive lyricism but is fun sounding. 

Thank you for taking the time to share with me! Any parting words you want to leave old or new fans with? 

Thanks for having me. Honestly, I just feel grateful that anybody cares about the music at all. If you’re new or old, I hope this album (Juniper) has something in it for you to connect to.



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