On the Sunday Night Big Screen: Girli and tiLLie

Music Scene Media
Feb 27, 2024
3 min read

by AJ Gardner

Queer pop artist Girli created an inviting and energetic space for all who attended her show at Lincoln Hall in Chicago, IL on 2/25/24. She performed alongside her opening act tiLLie. 

tiLLie is an artist that the internet describes as “alternative/indie” and “pop”. However, these are labels that can hardly describe someone who is constantly genre-bending and doing her own thing. I had seen tiLLie before when she opened up for Lights, and after hearing the new music she had put out, I was itching for another performance. She did not disappoint, kicking off her set with hard-hitter, “mOmS bAsEmeNt”, and closing with “reaLitie biTes”. The crowd was amped up and responsive throughout the entirety of tiLLie’s 30 minutes onstage and new fans were quick to search her Spotify as soon as the set ended. 

When headliner Girli took the stage, the room was immediately overflowing with energy. She came out with a presence, like she was meant to be there and she knew it. This was my first time seeing Girli live, and I was very entertained throughout her set. Some artists I’ve seen live lose their presence somewhere part way through the set, but not Girli. She was moving around the stage and commanding her space throughout the entirety of the performance, making sure that everyone had a good time. During her set, Girli expressed that she chose the term “Matriarchy” for her upcoming album not to put down anyone or suggest that women are superior, but to uplift any minority who has been hurt by the patriarchy and provide a safe space for anyone who may need it. This message definitely resonated with the general audience and made me feel empowered as a newcomer. It created a sense of community among a group of strangers that made up the crowd in Lincoln Hall that night, and allowed people to feel as though they belonged somewhere. 

Overall, Girli and tiLLie put on a show that was memorable and captivating. Their tour finalizes with the last 3 dates in Toronto on 2/27, New York City on 2/29, and Washington DC on 3/01. If you’re contemplating getting the tickets - do it!

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