One Night Only With Jimmy Eat World

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Nov 3, 2022
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Jimmy Eat World, The Maine, AND PVRIS took over the Arizona Financial Theater for ONE NIGHT ONLY and it was a night we truly wouldn’t forget.

Formed in 2012 in the quaint town of Lowell, Massachusetts by multi-talented and well versed musician, songwriter, and producer Lyndsey Gunnulfsen, PVRIS has taken the world by storm. The band was originally formed as a post-hardcore group under the name of Operation Guillotine in 2009, consisting of 4 band members. Shortly after presenting themselves on Warped Tour and signing with Tragic Hero Records they parted ways with their drummer and continued as a trio. Landing in 2022, PVRIS has released 3 albums and has won awards through Alternative Press, Rock Sound, and the Boston Music Awards for Artist of The Year. Their 2012 debut flooded the music world with a new wave of alternative music. Their sound was moody and apathetic, dreamy electronica with defining riffs. It was dark and angsty, yet undeniably fun to dance along too. The band has found themselves at the forefront of multiple scenes, somehow encompassing all of alternative rock, emo trends, and symphonic production while still staying rooted in their OG 2009 rock roots. There’s no question PVRIS has managed to stay on the A list of everyone’s favorite artists. Inspiration flows effortlessly in their lyrics, each of their projects impicturing a storyline of empowerment and self-revelation, a creative force just waiting to be unleashed.

Post-Hardcore band, Thursday, made their debut in 1997. After signing with Victory Records and releasing their second album in 2001, Full Collapse, the music world would soon be introduced to their deep-seated and veritable sound. Thursday was created by vocalist Geoff Rickly, guitarist Tom Keeley, guitarist Bill Henderson, bassist Tim Payne, and drummer Tucker Rule. In their 25 year span career, the band has had their fair share of tests and trials, having disbanded and reunited on two occasions, they have produced six studio albums, two EPs, three live albums, and made US Billboard’s Top 200 Albums Chart with their third album War All the Time in 2003- sitting at #7. The early 2000’s were an experimental period of music, branching out from the heavy, alt-rock scene of the 90’s into the 2000’s wave of emo post-hardcore music. This new shift in music had artists and musicians crowding local dive bars and clubs, and Thursday was right in the middle of it. They are arguably one of the most influential sounds to hit the early 2000’s hardcore scene, being one of the key bands to truly popularize the gritty, moody, dark emo sound that was festering at the forefront of the music industry.

Hailing from Tempe, Arizona, The Maine, is made up of lead vocalist, guitarist and pianist John O’Callaghan, lead guitarist Jared Monaco, bass guitarist Garrett Nickelsen, drummer Patrick Kirch, and rhythm guitarist Kennedy Brock made their introduction to the music world in 2007, releasing their debut full-length album titled Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop in 2008 and launching their career into the state-wide, festival of the ages- The Vans Warped Tour. Releasing their debut album and having their music career start off without a hitch, at a time where warped tour was a booming business- it was a recipe for success. The band went on to write, produce, and release eight studio albums in their fifteen years as a band, headlining and co-headlining over 30 tours, and have even released three books, This Is Real LifeBlack & White Keepsake Book, and Roads. Throughout their decade long career, The Maine has been widely recognized for their contribution to the alt-rock, pop-punk, pop-rock scenes. Already being fully immersed into the music scene at the young ages of 16 and 17, members of and started their individual music journeys playing in each other’s bands and opening for local talent around the Phoenix valley. A group of friends with a passion for music, a bit of Myspace success, and a van from Kirch’s dad is what powered them through the valley and onto the rest of their music careers.

From the quaint town of Mesa, Arizona to headlining amphitheaters for adoring fans, Jimmy Eat World is a staple icon in the rock scene. Formed in 1993 as a garage, skate punk band by pre-school besties Jim and Zach, the band is composed of lead vocalist and lead guitarist Jim Adkins, rhythm guitarist and backing vocalist Tom Linton, bassist Rick Burch, and drummer Zach Lind. Next year is an iconic year for the band by far, they will be celebrating 30 years as a band, and for a band, that is a big accomplishment. What’s more impressive is that during those 30 years, Jimmy Eat World have had the same core members. In their 29 year span career, the band has released ten studio albums with their song “The Middle” reaching #1 of the top 20 alternative songs chart, and has toured with some of the music industry’s most influential artists like Blink-182, Green Day, Third Eye Blind, and Weezer. Their sound has evolved over the course of nearly three decades, having a toe in just about every scene at once. Cultivating the pop-punk and indie scene, taking on the label of “power-pop”. Jimmy Eat World is an early competitor of the emo wave of music. Their lyrics are inviting yet forceful, captivating the listener into a world of vulnerability, openhearted harmonies, and melodic guitar. Each song feeling dense and intentionally constructed; voices, tempo, and production all laying one emotional yet beautiful layer on top of one another. Their live shows truly do their studio work justice, their set was lush and layered creating a wondrous rock experience you wouldn’t want to miss.

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