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Saving Vice Tackle the Rampant Spread of Lies/Misinformation with New Single, "Blood or Wine?"

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Oct 31, 2023
2 min read
Photo by Evan Middleton

Metalcore outfit, Saving Vice, are back with their latest single, Blood or Wine?, and they're ready to take the scene by storm with its release. Hailing from Vermont, Saving Vice have cemented themselves in the New England alternative scene, with their popularity erupting into two full US headlining tours, numerous runs as a supporting act for artists such as Fit For A King, Volumes, and The Plot In You, and even appearing on big-name rock/metal festivals such as Vans Warped Tour, Blue Ridge Rock Festival, and iMatter Fest!

Saving Vice’s sound can be described as early 2000’s metalcore mixed with elements of what makes modern-day heavy hitters popular. "Blood or Wine?" is no exception to this formula, aside from the darker, heavier direction the track takes compared to their previous material. Every element that makes the band unique is present in this track but each one is "cranked up to 11," such as guitarist, Robbie Litchfield’s, labyrinthine riffs, drummer, Sam Whelton’s, heart-pounding drum fills, and the intense vocals from frontman, Tyler Small. Various elements of djent, traditional metalcore, and deathcore are all apparent in this new single. Sprinkles of inspiration were borrowed from fellow New England act, Currents, while elements of Motionless In White's music can also be heard. "Blood or Wine?" also marks Saving Vice’s first release as a fully independent act, with the band recording/producing every aspect of the track “in-house.”

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The themes presented in "Blood or Wine?" differ from the rest of the band’s discography, as the track is used as a political anthem describing spread of lies and blatant misinformation in political and social settings, and how this issue has been used to ruin people’s lives without any repercussions for the accuser(s) (i.e. cancel culture and/or “fake news”) as well as cause division across the world. The lyrics presented in the track such as, “Raise the pitchforks, light the torches / Misinforming the masses,” provide clear proof that the song is aiming to tackle these issues head-on, showing that the band wants their listeners to be free-thinkers and do/believe what’s right for themselves.

Watch the official music video for Blood or Wine? on YouTube

"Blood or Wine?" is only a taste of what’s to come for Saving Vice. Drummer, Sam Whelton, claims that "Blood or Wine?" is “pivotal for us (Saving Vice) to lead-off the next album cycle with a single that has the intended effect for not only us, but the music scene as a whole.” 

Saving Vice is

·      Tyler Small (Vocals)

·      Robbie Litchfield (Guitar/Vocals)

·      Sam Whelton (Drums)

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