Andrew MacLean

The Stakes Are High If You Miss The Staves

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Apr 15, 2024
4 min read

Back again at my favourite Toronto venue, The Opera House, I found myself amongst people who enjoy pure, raw indie alternative music. Couples, solo goers, groups of friends, the night was young and everyone was gearing up for a unique show, especially myself. My last few rounds of concerts have been epic and hardcore, from the heavy guitars and drums of Dorian Electra, to the powerful loud vocals of Natalie Jane. I was excited to have something more laid back, and all around, just chill vibes.

Lomelda was first to take the stage, with their gentle personality, and unique quirkiness, Lomelda set themselves up on stage with just a guitar and a soundbox. Playing the first few strums of their songs, they really got into the groove of their music. With a mixture of songs that were upbeat, and some slower, Lomelda put on an interesting and unique set. Speaking with the crowd, Lomelda mentioned how they sometimes feel out of body on stage. They feel many things and they have a different experience with sounds and lights than those would in the audience. Lomelda, a very humble individual, thanked the audience, and just before leaving the stage mentioned how Canadian crowds are always very sweet and kind.

Not too much longer, The Staves, made up of the duo sisters Jessica and Camilla Staveley-Taylor, walked on stage. The duo opened with their song “Failure” from their 2021 album Good Woman. During their opening set, I did admire how the lights were flicking between different shades of blue and the multitude of different instruments that decorated the stage like tambourines, trumpets and many kinds of pianos. After their first run of songs Jessica tries to pronounce the term used for people who live in Toronto (Torontonians). After a few mix-ups with the pronunciation, she finally gets it right, and mentions how where they’re from in England (Watford), they’re called “Watfordians”.

The Staves moved through their set with elegance and grace, performing a mix of songs from different points in their career like “Fundamental Memory”, “Nothing’s Gonna Happen”, and “In The Long Run”. The duo harmonized their vocals, and strummed their guitars with ease, never missing a beat. The crowd was moved, being respectful of one another, and never taking their eyes off The Staves for a moment. “You lot, we just knew you’d be great”, Camilla mentioned at one point during their show. The sister’s chemistry performing together is something I haven’t seen much at shows made up of more than one artist before. They complimented each other perfectly and created a show stunning spectacle with just their vocals and instrument playing alone.

Being moved by the crowd, The Staves finished up their show in Toronto with their songs “Mexico” and “Teeth White”. “Don’t make us cry, is that what you fucking want?” one of the sisters said to the crowd as the audience moved the duo just as much as they did for the crowd the entire night. The Staves and their live band bowed, before exiting the stage after an unforgettable show at The Opera House.

If you’re looking for music to relax, relate and resonate with, be sure to add The Staves to your playlist. You can steam their latest album All Now on Spotify below:

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