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The Sun Will Shine Again: Hance Alligood Releases Romantic Debut Anthem

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Feb 17, 2024
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Photo by Hance Alligood

Hance Alligood, best known for his roles fronting Woe, Is Me and Young Mountain, has released his debut solo single, "No More Shadows, Only Sunshine".

Coming in at 3.5 minutes, this track is a short, but sweet, song written to express Alligood’s emotions towards his partner, Jenna Mize. "No More Shadows, Only Sunshine" is quite literally the most personal and vulnerable that Alligood has ever been in his career, as you get a glimpse of his true feelings towards Mize and how every moment in Alligood’s life had led up to meeting her. Lyrics such as “Everything I did before doesn't matter anymore. All the wasted time I spent figuring out where you were” and “It took me by complete surprise when you came into my life. I remember wondering, ‘Where were you all this time?’” give the listener the some context as to what Alligood had been searching for in terms of love and how his “person” suddenly appeared before him without any notice.

Watch the music video for No More Shadows, Only Sunshine on YouTube

A lesson to learn from a song like this is that love comes in different shapes, sizes, forms, etc., and there is no telling when or how someone can find love, as it can sometimes just creep up on you without expecting it. One thing is abundantly clear, Alligood’s feelings for Mize are intense, powerful, and sincere. Alligood has found the person that he wants to spend his life with, and as a musician, there is truly no act more romantic than writing a song for your partner. This song touches on the time the couple first communicated via Facebook Messenger in February of 2021, their first time meeting each other in Myrtle Beach two months later (the moment where Alligood truly knew he found the love of his life), and every moment leading up until now. Upon further research, a post on Alligood's Instagram that was uploaded on April 17, 2021 was captioned with "no more shadows, only sunshine ☀️" which shows just how much love and care was put into the creation of this song.

Fans should be aware that this track is not even remotely similar to Alligood’s work with Woe, Is Me, as it gives off more of a pop-rock vibe. The bottom line is that if you like Alligood’s work with his other acts, you will enjoy this track. While this song sounds simplistic, the lyrical content and personal meaning behind it truly makes it stand out.

Listen to No More Shadows, Only Sunshine on Spotify

Congratulations to Hance Alligood and Jenna Mize; may your relationship be happy, wholesome, and everlasting!

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