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Thirty Seconds To Mars - "Life Is Beautiful" | Single Review

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Jun 15, 2023
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Rock titans, Thirty Seconds To Mars, are back with their electrifying new single, “Life Is Beautiful,” which is featured on their upcoming LP, It’s the End of the World but It’s a Beautiful Day.

The last time Thirty Seconds To Mars released a new piece of music, it was 2018. Things were much different at the time; the band was a three-piece, they were heading out on their “America Tour” across the world, and the band was at the height of their career. Fast forward to 2023; the band lost a member and became a two-piece (Jared Leto and Shannon Leto), the band is only slated to play a handful of festivals across the globe, and they have a new album on the horizon.

Watch the official lyric video for "Life Is Beautiful on YouTube.

“Life Is Beautiful” is a mesmerizing track that takes the pop elements from the band’s 2018 album America and blends it with EDM to make this era-defining track. It seems as if frontman, Jared Leto, wrote this track about the inner turmoil caused by the state of the world around them, then leading the song towards a more uplifting message about realizing that life is, in fact, beautiful, and that one should bring back positivity to the world by overthrowing any sort of aggressors and/or negativity that may be in their lives. The song uses a lot of repetition by repeating the chorus and the words “life is beautiful,” but the point of the song is to remind the listener of the beauty in the world. Unfortunately, this track does not highlight the true talent of drummer, Shannon Leto. Instead, the track boasts electronic drum samples and various other percussion instruments.

While this track is simple, it is not one to be overlooked. It's different than the Thirty Seconds To Mars classics fans have grown to love, such as “The Kill” and “This is War,” but it's unique in its own way and is sure to grow on fans old and new. “Life is Beautiful” is only a taste of what's to come, as the band’s new album, It’s the End of the World but It’s a Beautiful Day, will be released on September 15.

Thirty Seconds To Mars is currently easing their way back into the world of touring, and while a full tour has yet to be announced, you can catch them at various festivals across the US, such as Lollapalooza (August 3-6), Music Midtown (September 15), and When We Were Young Festival (October 21-22)!

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Photo Credit: Bartholomew Cubbins (Jared Leto)

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