Lorna Leahy

2005-2025: The Beginning of the End for You, Me At Six

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Feb 20, 2024
4 min read

Earlier this year, a shock announcement made seismic waves through the emo community as concertgoers informed fans that they would be parting ways after two incredible decades together. Tonight, many concertgoers were prepared to grab their tissues as they were sent on an emotional, nostalgic rollercoaster to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their fourth album, Cavalier Youth.

Call Me Amour

Starting off the night were Call Me Amour, who were formed in 2023 and are already leaving their mark on the rock scene. Fresh off their EU tour with Against the Current, this band were a brilliant choice for an opening band. Being the first act is always difficult, however, due to a miscommunication about the starting time, the band had the arduous task of warming up a crowd that had barely arrived. The final song on their setlist, "Girl on the Wall", got the crowd jumping as the band took the opportunity to announce their first and only UK headline show which will be at Underworld, Camden, later this year - a show not to be missed based off this supporting set!

Deaf Havana

Next up were alternative rock band, Deaf Havana, fronted by brothers, James and Matthew Veck-Gilodi. This band are no strangers to fans after a decade long career which has seen many changes, from their varying musical style to members who have come and gone. Their supporting set perfectly displayed their musical journey, from hard-hitting guitar riffs to their more recent synth-based sound.

The set began in complete darkness and a long introduction, building suspense, into one of their most popular songs, "Trigger". An emotional start which was made all the more emotional by James’s powerful, raspy vocals and the glowing, ambient lighting. 

Leaving the crowd on high, the band finished their set with "Fever", which was a crowd-pleaser for sure, as many devoted fans sang along to every word.

You Me At Six

Finally, the band we had all been waiting for, You Me At Six. Opening with two tracks from Cavalier Youth, "Room to Breathe" and "Fresh Start Fever", the energy in the room was through the roof. It’s clear from the very start of the set why this band have such an impact on rock fans all over the world. With each gesture and leap, the band appeared to move as one.

Frontman Josh Franceschi possesses an innate ability to connect with every individual in the audience, regularly using the time between songs to call out the audience on each side of the theatre. His personality shone through, pointing and waving to individuals in the audience and in another comical moment where he tickled the back of a security member’s head.

The middle of the set was when we saw emotions running high. The band moved closer together to perform acoustic versions of "Stay With Me" and "Be Who You Are". The lights then suddenly dimmed, and the band asked the audience to raise their phone torches. Casting a misty glow across the venue, the torches created an intimate atmosphere as Josh thanked the audience for their years of dedication to the band before introducing “Take On The World”, the most moving moment of the night. 

Finishing off the night, the band ended on a high with "Beautiful Way" – a perfect ending which lifted spirits and got the crowd jumping once more.

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