Jake Leffel

Grady Spencer & The Work Live in Concert: A Can't Miss Experience

Music Scene Media
Feb 21, 2024
4 min read

Grady Spencer & The Work recently made their third stop on the ‘Surf & Slopes’ Tour at Last Exit Live in Phoenix, AZ. The venue is on the outskirts of downtown Phoenix, but I guarantee that you could have heard the band's sound in any part of the city. The show kicked off at 8pm with no opener, so it was just The Work & the crowd. A band like Grady Spencer & The Work needs no introduction and is one of the only bands I've seen immediately engage the crowd with no warmup. Playing at one of the more underrated spots in Phoenix, AZ, The Work performs like it's their last show ever. Towards the end of the show, Grady let the crowd know that it was bass player Johnny Hatcher’s flu game and he was under the weather. Absolutely no one could have been able to tell from the show, and his enthusiasm as long as everyone in the band was unmatched.

The band comes out swinging with an upbeat tune featuring a solo from lead guitarist Tyler Martin, and harmonies from Johnny. "Feeling Fine" encapsulates everything Grady Spencer is highlighting: the balance of musicianship and lyricism. The setlist for the concert showcases the breadth of The Work’s decade long discography. The first three songs alone cover 2013 through 2016. "Feeling fine" from their first album Sleep, and then "Winning Wrong" and "Find You" from their 2016 album The Line Between. What may seem outdated at first glance is entirely debunked by the timeless nature of Grady Spencer & The Work. There is no lack of musical talent in this group, with all 4 members almost effortlessly contributing to the track. In the past, they have referred to themselves as a mix of old-school and new-school, and I believe that is a perfect summary. The Texas natives play country-influenced alternative rock music with a perfect complement of full-blown rock and roll and melodic two-steppin music. Beneath the captivating sounds lay compelling lyrics about love, life, and everything that comes with that. 

We were told by the band themselves that this year is going to be focused on writing and producing new music. We have a lot to look forward to as this band continues to impress throughout the entirety of their discography. It's more than evident this band is passionate about their craft, and I consider myself lucky to have seen them live now in such an intimate space. The crew stuck around after the show to say hello to the crowd at the merch table, and I believe that takes a special artist to fully connect with their fans like that. If this is the first time you’ve heard of the band, let me recommend listening to the songs in the order of the setlist:

  1. Feeling Fine
  2. Winning Wrong
  3. Find you
  4. Celebrate
  5. Neon Moon
  6. Guns & Knives
  7. Home Remedy
  8. Take my Hell
  9. Grant
  10. Same Place
  11. Idle hands
  12. Streets of Gold
  13. Our Time
  14. Nothing is Bad
  15. With Me
  16. Coming Home
  17. Grown
  18. By Now
  19. Things to Do
  20. Higher (Creed Cover)

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