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A Down To Earth Interview With Sophie Mars

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Nov 26, 2023
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17 year old Sophie Mars released her debut single “Hate Me Too” earlier this month. The indie rock single is a true point of view of how life is viewed as a teenager in todays day and age. Through sheer coincidence, Sophie started her music career, and turned curiosity into a new way of life. Working with producer Brad Wood, the pair teamed up and created her debut song “Hate Me Too”. I had the opportunity to ask Sophie some questions about her inspirations, thought processes, and the personal process in creating music!


How does it feel to have released your debut single? What are the kind of feelings you are having from this experience?

Publicizing a project that you’ve spent so much time working on is incredibly surreal. It has been so strange to think that this song is no longer just mine. 

I listened to your debut single, and it is lyrically beautiful. A lot of the lyrics I find I can relate myself to at some point in my life. Such as “If I had a time machine, I wouldn’t change a thing.” I feel from the lyrics that this song is very personal. Did these lyrics come easy, or did you find it difficult to write?

I have always loved writing, whether that’s poetry or lyrics. It’s especially easy to write about things that pertain so strongly to my life. The lyrics in this song were so true to my feelings that I flew through them. I sort of blacked out when I wrote this song – like out of nowhere I had a whole emotional ballad written on my bed. 

This alternative indie rock sound you have used for this track, is this a style you are going forward with in future songs? Or are you looking to be experimental with your sound?

I want to make songs that I would genuinely listen to. Honestly, I’m not trying to break boundaries. I’m trying to make good music that is authentic and true to myself.

When writing this song, were the lyrics created first, and the instrumental after? Or was it the other way around? Or was it something that happened simultaneously?

Lyrics have always and will always come first. I tend to just word vomit on my notes app and play with it until something coherent comes out. It is only then that I pair it with instrumentals that adhere to the purpose of the words. 

What has it been like creating with producer Brad Wood? What has been your most memorable moment in the studio creating with him?

It was such an amazing feeling to step into releasing music with a producer so passionate, patient, and kind. It was obvious that I had a lot to learn, and he was prepared to help me start my path into the world of music. The song would not be nearly as powerful as it currently is without his immense skills and knowledge. 

Beyond life experiences, where do you find inspiration? Are there any books, movies, places, etc. that you have found inspiration from?

Honestly, my sole inspiration is my own life experiences. I have a journal that I have written in since I was 7. I look through the pages to gain inspiration when I write. It makes the process as personal as possible. 

I have read that you are inspired by Phoebe Bridgers and Billie Eilish! Who are some other artists that have inspired you musically and creatively?

I would say Gracie Abrams and Mazzy Star. 

If you could collaborate with any artist right now, who would it be and why?

I would collaborate with Gracie Abrams. I adore the vulnerability and honesty in her songs. Also, it’s clear that her music is lyrically driven. I would love to see her writing process and watch her lyrical magic unfold. 

Do you have an album or EP in the works? If so, what are some of the thought processes going into a project like that? Are you finding it easy, or difficult?

I have many songs on the roster to produce next, but I’m still working on adding more. It’s an addictive process, and it’s a fast one. The easiest part is the lyric writing, so for now I’m finding it pretty easy!

What new skills have you obtained while creating the song “Hate Me Too”?
Working on this song with a producer has greatly contributed to my collaboration skills. The final product is dissimilar to what I had first imagined while writing the lyrics. I have to admit, it turned out a lot more 90s than I thought, largely due to Brad Wood’s more vintage references. At first it was difficult to let go of my original ideas, but after loosening up and accepting some of his suggestions, the song took an amazing turn that I am stoked about.

In your own personal opinion, what are some qualities that make someone a great musician?

I think every musician should be as authentic as they can. I am a firm believer in that the more honest a song is, the better it is. 

Where do you see yourself in a few years from now in the music industry?

I have no idea. I came into the music industry because I love music, and I had feelings so palpable that I needed to let them out somehow. I hope to continue writing with this intention in mind, and some people digging it along the way would be amazing.

What advice would you give to other people who are looking to start a musical career of their own?

Start now. Share your songs. Make them you, no experiences or feelings are invalid. 

If you could send a letter to yourself from five years ago, what would you tell your younger self?

I would tell twelve-year-old me, the tween nervous to become a teenager, that there are fun and scary parts of every age. There’s no point in being scared to grow up. 


You can listen to Sophie Mars’ amazing new song here on Youtube:


And you can follow her on Instagram here:



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