Anthony Grant

An Evening with Xana at Brooklyn Made

Music Scene Media
Jul 9, 2024
3 min read

Brooklyn Made is a venue celebrated for its inclusiveness and dedication to showcasing upcoming artists. It's a frequented spot by hipsters in Brooklyn, NYC, known for intimate yet relatable concerts. To conclude their NYC Pride Month concert schedule, they brought out none other than Xana, an alt-pop icon from the West Coast renowned for her bold personality and commanding stage presence.

Xana uses her music as a reflection of her many journeys, often weaving in anecdotes about failed relationships, the people who have lifted her up, and, of course, the haters. Her fiery nature truly comes across as she performs. Now on her second US tour for her latest album, The Sex Was Good Until It Wasn't, Xana was more than ready to give an eager Brooklyn crowd a show to remember. There was no standing room in sight for this one.

The minute she stepped out onto the stage with her fiery ginger hair and confident strut, I knew we were in for a special performance. Xana exudes a playful yet dangerous aura, making you feel like she’s bringing you along for the debauchery. She crawled, kicked, and flipped her hair with attitude. Often seen interacting with fans, Xana gave them a chance to yell out their favorite lyrics from her songs. She got in faces, grabbed a few hands, and encouraged her audience to participate in her storytelling. Whether they had been following her from the beginning or just happened to stumble into Brooklyn Made for a Saturday night show, everyone felt a sense of personableness and vulnerability from Xana.

The setlist mostly featured her most recent music, with highlights such as "Lip Service," "Homewrecker Era," and "The Sex Was Good." She also performed several hits from her first album, Tantrums. It's worth noting her smart use of the platform at the edge of the stage, which gave the audience a towering yet more intimate perspective—a small detail that added to the vibe. During "Prey," the audience became part of the show when she came to the edge and asked for help to finish the song. She fed off the energy in the room and seemed especially happy to perform "Homewrecker Era," a defiant anthem marking a new chapter in her love life.

Xana used her stage time during breaks to vape and engage the audience, asking various questions. In those moments, it felt like a town hall meeting or an expert-led panel. She wanted everyone to feel connected, and she achieved that effortlessly. She eventually closed out her set with fan favorites "Kitchen Light" and "Feral." By the end, everybody was dancing, and people were noticeably sad to say goodbye to Xana. Brooklyn Made couldn’t get enough of Xana, and she was here for it!

Xana’s music features a dark pop-rock sound infused with confidence and sensual energy. Her rebellious spirit is captivating as she effortlessly transitions from defying societal norms to encouraging people to live their truth, no matter how messy. Everyone felt safe, seen, and heard. With each passing song, she invited the crowd to let loose and vent in a place of no judgment. She is definitely a role model in the LGBTQ+ community, and this night was truly one to remember. I can’t wait for her to come back to New York City.

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