Melanie Mae Williamson

The Grunge Revival: An Interview with Hunter Oliveri

Music Scene Media
Dec 9, 2023
1 min read

Hunter Oliveri is a rising young star from CA. At just seventeen years of age, he's attempting to revive the grunge scene, but with a modern feel. He recently put out the single, "Dumb". Of the release, Hunter states: "My mom wants me to get a job, two jobs, everything's expensive as fuck, I have friends making more on OnlyFans than college graduates/doctors, everything's dumb, So I tried to grab the feelings I have on the daily of: What is the point of doing what my parents want me to do when shit just feels dumb as fuck? I bet a lot of kids could relate to having people tell you to go to college, find a steady career, have a family, and be a part of this fucked up system, when in reality, I just want to be a kid my entire life, chase girls, skate, smoke, hang with my friends, and make music. I hope the song connects with anyone who just wants to forget all their problems and live life without all the bullshit. Just rather be 'Dumb.'"

Check out our interview with Hunter below!


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