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Spare The Dead Inspires With New Single "I Made This Song For You"

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Dec 8, 2023
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After releasing their self-titled debut LP in the fall of 2022, Arkansas-native metalcore band Spare The Dead took the album on the road this past October with their Slay The Living Tour. And with Darren Young on vocals, Zach Stambuck and Tim Sills on guitar, Anthony Marrujo on drums, and an animatronic talking skeleton on bass, Spare The Dead has more than impressed with their engaging, electrifying live performances. Now, the band is back to inspire with a compelling new single titled “I Made This Song For You.”

Combining soft and impassioned crooning with clean screaming vocals, supported by thundering drums and heavy, intricate guitar riffs and breakdowns, Spare The Dead’s newest track is what every metalhead’s heart desires. But the band didn’t stop there. With lyrics as powerful in meaning as the song is in sound, “I Made This Song For You” was released to serve as a beacon of hope for the silenced and the voiceless.

On their new track, the band stated, “‘I Made This Song For You’ was written when I was trying to talk to a loved one but couldn't think of the words. I realized that sometimes you can't think of what you need to say, so I wrote this song instead.”

Young’s juxtaposition of soft and heavy vocals on “I Made This Song For You” pairs perfectly with the single’s lyrics, which speak on the light and darkness of life. Backed by raging drums from Marrujo and brutal guitars from Stambuck and Sills, “I Made This Song For You” is what every metal fan wants to listen to and everything they need to hear.

With plans to release their sophomore album in early 2024, “I Made This Song For You” is just a glimpse into what’s to come from Spare The Dead. Spoiler Alert: it’s going to be pure excellence. Spare The Dead isn’t slowing down anytime soon, so keep an ear out for them in the coming new year.

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