Melanie Mae Williamson

Rags to Riches: An Interview with Seven Year Witch

Music Scene Media
Feb 6, 2024
1 min read

Everyone has a favorite band. And, as us concert photographers know, we come to have a favorite live band. That band for me is Seven Year Witch. I was introduced to them a couple years ago when they were opening for Adelita's Way, and I was blown away. I followed them everywhere right then and there, and I remember texting a couple people right away with something along the lines of, "Holy shit, you've got to check out this band called Seven Year Witch!" The South Carolina natives are a raw force of nature onstage, and it's a show not to be missed if you get the opportunity! I recently had the chance to chat with the guys about their forthcoming album, Vampire Calamity, their insane live shows, and more!

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