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Holding Absence Stops by Nashville, TN

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Feb 7, 2024
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The first band to take the stage was Capstan. This post-hardcore band from Florida began the night with a bang as their heavy riffs got the crowd moving. The crowd instantly starting moving as frontman Anthony DeMario called out for the first circle pit of the night. The room split as eager fans circled a support beam in the middle of the room. From then on out, it was nothing but movement as fans continued to headbang and scream along with the band. After a quick 30-minute set, the band thanked the crowd as well as Holding Absence for taking them on the road. The crowd screamed back in appreciation for their music and the fun set. Capstan then departed the stage as everyone was getting ready for the next band on this impressive lineup.

Next up was Casey. With a more dialed in and emotional performance, Casey was able to draw the crowd in as they watched with awe. Coming right off the release of their latest and most successful album, How To Disappear, the future is looking bright for Casey as they continue to spread their music across the nation. 

With slower, almost spoken word verses in songs, the band drew in the crowd and then hit them hard with screaming breakdowns. People were loving it, with rounds of applause and shouts of approval after each song. The guitar melodies also set them apart, with intricate riffs that highlighted the emotions of the music.

Finally, with the room warm and the crowd ready, Holding Absence took to the stage. The Wales-based band has seen a new level of success in the past year, and that's been shown through the success of this tour. Being the band's first ever U.S. headliner, the turnout was impressive and the crowd was one of the most lively Nashville crowds I’ve seen yet. 

With no barricade separating the crowd from the stage, the bands performance felt intimate, old school in a way. Hands were reaching over the edge of the stage, and heads banging at the band's feet as they played. The crowd and the band were able to connect and interact in a way that is lost in larger, less personal venues. The venue was a little hole in the wall spot in the heart of East Nashville, known for its independent venues and dive bars. The setting couldn't have been more appropriate for this show. The venue itself did a great job of bringing people together and making the night something special. 

What sets the band apart from others is their stage presence. In particular, frontman Lucas Woodland’s high energy performance.  With kicks, jumps, and dances throughout the set, the infectious energy spread to the crowd who was sure to do the same. This was highlighted by the more intimate parts of the performance, which locked the crowd in as they actively listened. 

Holding Absence is considered a very diverse band, being able to nail both the slow lyrical style as well as the hard hitting heaviness of most metalcore bands. This sets them apart in the scene, appealing to listeners from every genre. The crowd in attendance was just as diverse as their music, from old to young, everyone in the room was having a fantastic evening. The band made sure to thank their fans, stating that they were a long way from home, but how grateful they were to be able to pull off this international headlining tour. They showed appreciation for every single person in the packed room, and the response from the fans showed they were just as grateful to be there.

As the band wrapped up their 12th and final song, they gave thanks to the audience one last time, tossing out guitar picks, drum sticks, and setlists. The crowd volume hit an all time high as people were applauding and cheering for the band. Even 12 songs later, the crowd wasn't ready to head home. However, they did so knowing the young band will be back time and time again for years to come.

Holding Absence Setlist:

  1. Celebration Song
  2. Aching Longing
  3. Gravity
  4. Like a Shadow
  5. Birdcage
  6. Monochrome
  7. False Dawn
  8. Scissors
  9. In Circles
  10. A Crooked Melody
  11. Afterlife
  12. Wilt

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