Matt Benton

Bayside Bring the Nostalgia to Dallas, TX

Music Scene Media
Apr 16, 2024
4 min read

With the ever changing world around us, its sometimes crazy to think bands can stick around for 5 or 10 years. But then you have some bands that have been around for over 2 decades. Luckily for fans at The House of Blues in Dallas, TX were in for a nostalgic night as Bayside brought out Finch, Armor For Sleep, and newcomers Winona Fighter for The Worse Things Than Being Alive Tour. The night was full of emo and pop-punk vibes and just an all around amazing time.

Starting off the night was Winona Fighter and they started off the night with an absolute bang. With some of the electrifying stage presence I think I've ever seen, Winona Fighter is solidifying themselves as a force to be reckoned with. As the band continued to give a performance full of running, jumping, screaming, and just a smidge of a megaphone, it took me a while to pick my jaw off the ground. Not only is it hard being the opening band, and especially on a tour stacked with musical veterans, Winona Fighter took this challenge and absolutely killed it.

Up next for the night was Armor For Sleep. Coming from the Northeast and a start in the music industry roughly 2 decades ago, Armor For Sleep truly is that band. As they continued to serenade the crowd with banger after banger, all you could see was an ocean of fans screaming their hearts out in the most loving way possible. Picture this: you grow up listening to a band like Armor For Sleep and eventually so many years pass that you get the opportunity to bring your kids to see that same band. Is there any better feeling? It is hard to say but all we can do is give a big thank you to Armor For Sleep.

Hailing from the west coast and next to hit the stage was Finch. Another band with a history in the music industry spanning twenty years and it shows. The band's stage presence was absolutely next level. Their ability to play and not miss a single beat or note is nothing short of insanity. As the band continued to play, you could see every fan in attendance on their feet having the time of their life and it was truly a sight to see. To have this much of a diehard fanbase despite not having a release in quite some time is truly a testament to their musical ability.

It finally came time for our headliners to take the stage: Bayside. Another band coming from the Northeast, a history of over twenty years in the music industry, and a diehard fanbase, it was time to make the night of many fans. Every single fan in attendance gave a roar of applause as Bayside hit the stage and then erupted into a deafening scream as the band proceeded to give a performance of a lifetime. Having the chance to watch Bayside live on stage was simply a dream come true and if you have a chance to make it to a date on The Worse Things Than Being Alive Tour do not miss your chance.

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