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Beartooth Overcomes Adversity with "Doubt Me"

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Aug 29, 2023
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Beartooth is going through an intriguing transition. This is not the same band that released Disgusting. However, they are also not the same band that released their radio hit album, Disease. They recently released my favorite Beartooth track, "Might Love Myself," a bona-fide pop hit full of passion. Their newest single, "Doubt Me," offers the same power and retrospection while respecting their metal roots.

With the release of "Doubt Me," they also dropped a music video for the track. This video is the standard scene music video, for better or worse. The band is emotionally playing their instruments in a dark room or warehouse. It is a fun video, but skipping it does not necessarily miss anything vital.

The first thing to stand out about the single is the crisp production by frontman Caleb Shomo. This is an excellent display of improvement from their earlier raw releases. Caleb has never sounded better and clearer—a testament to his production ability and his growth as a vocalist.

The lyrical theme is kind of the standard we have been hearing from longtime bands in the scene. I love the energy and passion, but I must say the "Don't ever f***ing doubt me" thing is getting a little tired. Though every song has been written before, I don't hear the same originality that made "Might Love Myself" and "Riptide" stand out.

"Doubt Me" is an excellent progression of the pop transition that Beartooth is undergoing. I never liked older Beartooth; I found it generic, though the passion was evident. With this new style they are transitioning toward, I am hearing an authentic Beartooth sound. With crisp production and a standout vocal performance, Caleb & Co. offers much to be excited about.

Listen to "Doubt Me" and Beartooth's other new singles:

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