Andrew Kjelson

BLESSTHEFALL - "Wake The Dead" | Single Review

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May 27, 2023
2 min read

by Andrew Kjelson

Metalcore giants blessthefall have returned from "the dead" with their groundbreaking new single, ironically titled "Wake The Dead".

It's been half a decade since blessthefall have released a song. Many fans were led to believe that the band had broken up over the Covid-19 pandemic, with many members of the band removing any mention of the band from their social media accounts. blessthefall decided that any publicity is good publicity and took this as an opportunity to wake their band from the dead for their heaviest-hitting track since their 2013 album Hollow Bodies.

Bassist/unclean vocalist, Jared Warth, and frontman, Beau Bokan, take the crown (“but are kings”) in this track with their back-and-forth trade offs of screaming and singing throughout the track’s three minute and seven second duration. All the while, every other member has their moment to shine, with guitar riffs, bass lines, and drum beats that are guaranteed to make anyone that listens to it want to headbang. This track encapsulates what blessthefall is all about; catchy choruses, brutal screaming vocals, heavy instrumentals, and most importantly, it's fun to listen to.

With this new single, blessthefall managed to do what other bands that attempted to return to their defining sounds could not; maturing their sound while staying true to what made them unique in the first place. The lyrical content of the song is simple and to the point, but all the while impactful; “If they try to divide us with silence, cut the deadweight, bring the violence.” If the rest of whatever blessthefall has coming soon is like this track, the future seems to be very, very bright for not only the band, but the fans as well!

Want to see the triumphant return of blessthefall in person? The band will be celebrating the tenth anniversary of their album Hollow Bodies on tour and will be bringing out Caskets, Kingdom Of Giants, and Dragged Under.

8/3 Santa Ana, CA
8/4 Roseville, CA
8/5 Portland, OR
8/6 Seattle, WA
8/0 Salt Lake City, UT
8/9 Denver, CO
8/11 Minneapolis, MN
8/12 Chicago, IL
8/14 Toronto, ON
8/15 Montreal, QC
8/17 Boston, MA
8/18 New York, NY
8/19 Philadelphia, PA
8/20 Baltimore, MD
8/22 Atlanta GA
8/23 Tampa, FL
8/24 Pensacola, FL
8/25 New Orleans, LA
8/26 Houston, TX
8/27 Dallas, TX
8/28 Albuquerque, NM
8/31 Las Vegas, NV
9/1 Phoenix, AZ

9/7 Alton, VA*
*Blue Ridge Rock Fest




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