Shanna Madison

Briston Maroney Says Farewell to the Ultrapure Tour

Music Scene Media
Mar 22, 2024
3 min read

It was a bittersweet end to an era inside Portland’s Crystal Ballroom on Thursday. Indie-rock artist Briston Maroney closed out his “Ultrapure World Tour” with an energetic performance consisting of new and old hits. Maroney released his second album, Ultrapure, on Sept. 22, 2023, and has been on the road with this tour since last October. 

A rush of energy fell over the ballroom as Maroney leaped onto the iridescent stage to start the show off with “Body” from his latest album. This was followed by “Small Talk” and “Chaos Party”. Keeping the fans on their toes, the setlist was interwoven with old and new songs throughout the night. Every pause in Maroney’s vocals was met with enthusiastic screams of lyrics from the fans, especially with some of his more famous tracks. A specifically noticeable decibel increase could be made when he sang the opening lyrics to his song "Oregon,"  in which he says, “Where the hell did your head go babe? Is it back in Portland?”

The singer made it very clear throughout the night that Portland holds a special place in his heart. While it is the last stop on his tour, he also has other songs that reference the area. He even playfully whispered to the crowd that they were his favorites, so that might be all the proof someone would need. Between songs, Maroney interacted with the audience and his band members, which made the sold-out show feel that much more intimate. 

The 26-year-old singer’s first step into the spotlight was an American Idol audition a decade ago. Since then, Briston Maroney has gained over 2 million Spotify listeners, a certified gold plaque for his hit single “Freaking Out on the Interstate,” and a passionate fanbase. 

The crowd's energy at the show was infectious and electric. Toward the end of the show, during what Maroney described as the “last chance to get a little jumpy,"  the floors were fully shaking. Fans at the front of the pit were seen holding each other on the slower songs and letting completely loose on the upbeat ones. 

Maroney ended the show and encore with a stripped performance of his song "Oregon,"  which is not on the original setlist. In fact, he hadn't performed it in so long that he borrowed a fan's phone to look up the lyrics to make sure he got them right. It was a beautiful way to close out the tour, and a lovely tribute to the city.

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