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BXB Reaches New Heights with Chapter 2. Wings

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Jan 16, 2024
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Provided Courtesy of Wolfburn

It is often said that youth is the designated time in life to be unsettled, to embrace growing pains, to take risks, and to go through the inevitably beautiful journey of discovering yourself. When Hyunwoo, Jihun, Hamin, and Siwoo first got together in their teen years, it was as part of a different K-pop group that disbanded in 2022 after only a few years of activity. Where some may have seen an end, these four instead clung to their dreams and found their way to another chance in BXB. Now, their one year anniversary is approaching at the end of this month, and they’re bringing new colors to their music with Chapter 2. Wings.  

Short for “Boy By Brush”, their name embodies their ambition to paint and represent the many emotions that come and go during youth through diverse music genres. The pre-release “The Black Cat Nero”, inspired by an Italian children’s song, puts that goal in leaping motion by presenting a new and more mature side to the group. Its provocative melody and imagery stands apart from the other two songs in this single album, but rather than seeming out of place, it provides a glimpse into the many layers BXB has just started unveiling. 

When asked about what other kinds of musical directions they want to try next during a virtual press conference held on January 10, Hamin said since they have two rappers in the group – Hyunwoo and Siwoo – he thinks it would be nice if they get to play a more active role in their next album by expanding BXB’s sound and exploring hip-hop. 

This desire and vision to always grow is the soft yet impressive force behind their voices, which can be heard in the title track, “Airplane”. Pulling at the feeling that comes when you’re driving with the windows down, smiles unable to come off with your friends, this gospel-inspired song provides a great sense of lightness and movement forward. ‘Take the heavy weight off your shoulders / You can go as far as your heart desires’, Jihun sings, offering fans and new listeners alike a place to rest. 

Where “The Black Cat Nero” is alluring, and “Airplane” is bright, the final track, “Found You”, is warm. The medium tempo, paired with lyrics full of fondness, acts as a ribbon perfectly tied around a present. The single album ends with a reminder that there is great joy to be found in the people around us. Such messages can sometimes fall flat, but that is not the case for BXB; there is great conviction in their vocals that is consistently present in their music which can only come from people speaking honestly from their own experiences.

Navigating the valleys and peaks of growing up might be less daunting with BXB around. They may still be in the early days of their group’s story, but they have weathered several years together already that have brought them right where they are supposed to be. With every song, they prove their wings have what it takes to soar for a long time. 

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