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Leaving the “Light On”: The Fifth Anniversary of 'Heard It In A Past Life'

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Jan 18, 2024
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Photo: Olivia Bee

On January 18th, 2019, Maggie Rogers released her debut album Heard It In A Past Life. This record—which at the time was long-awaited by fans—is a compilation of magical and transformative songs. Heard It In A Past Life appropriately received a very warm welcome upon release and continues to hold significant meaning for a lot of people. It quite literally is therapy in an album.

What makes this album so special is that both Maggie Rogers and her fans feel the same nostalgia for this record. Rogers said the following in her recent newsletter: “...I’ve been really emotional this week thinking back on all of it and just remembering how exhilarating it all was, how scared I was at times, and how over and over again I watched my dreams multiply before my eyes”. Heard It In A Past Life came out the year before the pandemic, but I remember seeing so many posts on social media throughout the pandemic of fans listening to these songs and describing how this album gave them the strength to continue pushing forward. In particular, “Light On”, “Back in My Body”, “Fallingwater”, and “Past Life” really do feel like songs we needed to get through such a scary and uncertain time. 

This time, I know I’m fighting
This time, I know I’m back in my body

-”Back In My Body”, Maggie Rogers

In the early days of the pandemic, fans got together via Zoom to talk about how much this music meant to them and just to feel a sense of community. Maggie Rogers herself even joined and it felt like a piece of togetherness that we were all missing. I think that is a common theme seen throughout Rogers’ music: community. Her music has created such a safe and special place for her fans. It makes us feel seen and heard. 

And I’m finding out there’s just no other way
That I’m still dancing at the end of the day. 
And if you leave the light on, then I’ll leave the light on.

-"Light On", Maggie Rogers

There is much anticipation amongst fans for Rogers’ third album. She has said that news about the record is coming very soon and has hinted at more tour dates later this year. Rogers’ concerts are exactly what you’d expect them to be: a place of joy and acceptance. Everyone really takes care of each other. I think that is something to be said about Maggie and her curation of beautiful music and community that makes us feel solidarity.

Listen to Heard It In A Past Life here

Find Maggie Rogers’ website, store, and tour info here

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