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Chicago Welcomes Vicke Blanka with Open Arms

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Feb 14, 2024
3 min read

Singer-songwriter Vicke Blanka makes his way across North America on the Japanese artist’s first international tour across the USA and Canada. Growing in popularity overseas due to his musical contributions to popular anime series and films, the singer brings all of his repertoire to show what he’s truly capable of.

Whether it’s vocals, guitar, piano, or even DJing, Vicke Blanka showcases that he can do it all. He transitions between songs and styles so effortlessly, going from upbeat pop tracks to powerful ballads, and back again. His fans mentioned to me before the show that one of their favorite things about him is his versatility and diversity of genres across his discography. He noted during the show that while he was only playing two instruments tonight, that all of the backing tracks were re-recorded by him solely for use on the tour, and he hoped that next tour he could be accompanied by his full band.

The reception for both tracks from the anime Black Clover were certainly the most intense, with the audience singing along to the fast-paced “Black Rover” and “Black Catcher” tracks. So thrilled to hear them live, they even chanted for both to be played again during the two-song encore. Among the many tracks from anime and movies were “Lucky Ending” from Fruits Basket, a ballad that many fans were also excited to hear performed. Speaking to some fans, they noted that the anime songs were the introduction to his music, but what really grabbed them to listen to more was his unique voice and variety of sounds. Some fans noted that they had been waiting five years to see him live, and as soon as tickets went on sale they knew it was something they couldn’t afford to miss.

Standout tracks from the night, apart from the wildly energetic Black Clover themes, were the powerful ballad “Walk,” featuring some stellar vocals, and the fun, French-language track “Ça Va?,” which got the crowd jumping and dancing, following suit as Vicke Blanka bounded across the stage, having a blast. Despite being a smaller show on a Tuesday evening, the energy was all there, and you could tell that everyone was having a great time and he was thrilled to be performing for international fans, especially in the city of Chicago. Even after the show he was visibly excited to meet and greet the VIP fans, and was truly living up and enjoying the first international tour experience.

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