Jackson Tujo

Dark Divine Stakes Their Claim as Royalty with "Paper Crown"

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Jun 23, 2023
1 min read
Photo Courtesy of Thriller Records

On June 23rd, metal up-and-comers Dark Divine released their new single “Paper Crown.” With this single, they also announced their first full-length album, Deadly Fun, to be released on September 8 via Thriller Records. This new track features guest vocals from Bryan Kuznitz of Fame On Fire, just one aspect that makes this track a memorable lead single.

From the beginning, “Paper Crown” starts as an aggressive rager with hectic guitars and harsh vocals before turning to the clean chorus for a massive payoff. This dynamic between lead vocalist Anthony Martinez and guest vocalist Bryan Kuznitz makes this track so special. 

The song switches pace multiple times throughout between screams, whisper vocals, and singing, keeping the listener at the edge of their seat. The track even offers some chuggy and chunky down-tuned guitars and brutal breakdowns for metalcore lovers. 

Martinez states that the song is about confronting people with narcissistic tendencies and not allowing them to destroy our mental health to try and keep them in our lives. This is a serious topic that Dark Divine conveys well while also providing a fun song to dance and mosh to. 

“Paper Crown” really offers it all to a metal listener. If you are a more traditional or mainstream listener, the down-tuned guitars and incredible performance by Kuznitz will make you happy. If you are a metalcore-oriented listener, Martinez’s screams and the switching of pace will have you banging your head. If “Paper Crown” is a sign of what is to come on Deadly Fun, I am excited to hear what they come up with next.

You can also check out Dark Divine opening for Black Veil Brides and VV in North America this Fall.

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