Interview with Dead Bundy

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Jun 3, 2023
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The unapologetic pop-punk trio from Ohio is about to release their much anticipated new album Held Back (June 23rd), and agreed to answer a few questions for us. This satirical band inspires itself from other bands from the same genre such as Blink-182, Sum-41, Zebrahead, and The Offspring.

MSM: Could you tell us a little bit about yourself for those who don't know you

DB: Sure! We’re a pop-punk party trio from Cleveland, OH. We all met back in high school and have been friends and in bands ever since (10+ years).

MSM: What can people expect from your shows ?

DB: A party. Beer, mosh pits and a lot of incoherent yelling. We bring an 8 foot d*ck cannon that shoots out our special “cumfetti” with our faces on it. Our parents are very proud.

MSM: What would you tell people who don't know your music ? How would you convince them to listen to your music ?

DB: Party punk music for anyone who grew up on the classics (Blink-182, Sum 41,
Zebrahead, The Offspring). It’s loud, out there and you’ll either love us or hate us. No convincing will change anyone’s mind.

MSM: You have a new album coming out soon, how are you feeling about it ?

DB: SO stoked. We’ve been sitting on these songs for about a year now and can’t wait to start working them into our live set and making more videos for them.

MSM: Could you tell us a little bit about it ? How does it compare to your previous work ?

DB: It’s our first record on a label so it was fun putting this one together as a unit, whereas in the past we sort of just wrote songs and released them as we finished them over the course of two years. We got to think of a theme and every song ties into the concept of being a grown-up “Billy Madison” figure who can’t get out of school.

MSM: What song are you most looking forward to play live and why ?

DB: Definitely “Ghosting You” – it’s upbeat and has a chorus that we think everyone’s gonna sing loud live.

MSM: What is your favourite song that you have released ? Why ?

DB: “Rockstar” is our favorite at the moment – it’s a fun banger that was made for the live summer punk show. Great to grab a beer, a buddy and mosh to.

MSM: What would your dream venue/city/country to play live be and why ?

DB: We’ve been getting a lot of requests to get out of the country so it’s always been a dream to rip a gig in Mongolia.

MSM: What was your worst moment on stage ?

DB: We played Ohio is For Lovers Fest last year and I spilled my beer on stage and couldn’t find another.

MSM: Are there any questions you wish journalists would ask you but never or rarely do ?

DB: “How’s your gas station condom machine investment coming along?” – well we were spread pretty thin at first but it’s grown quite large and is holding up well

MSM: What is the most useless talent that you have ?

DB: Being a musician.

MSM: What else are you passionate about besides music ?

DB: Watching animals have sex in the wild.

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