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DEVITALIZED Resurfaces with a Harrowing "Welcome Back"

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Mar 9, 2024
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Massachusetts heavy hitters, Devitalized, bring the hammer down with their most recent single, "Welcome Back". As the track title suggests "Welcome Back" fires up the engines that have been idling since the band's most recent release which featured none other than Chelsea Grin's own Tom Barber back in 2023. This latest track features everything deathcore fans crave, from bouncy grooves and head-bobbing tempos to crunchy riffs and a slamming finisher. This all follows a fitting theatrical intro that sets the stage and serves as an unassuming buildup that delivers from the first punch of the downbeat. The song itself leaves listeners wanting more, and there is indeed more to come in the near future for Devitalized.

Vocalist John-Paul Ratta explains the trials and tribulations that led to the current release:

“Throughout the past seven months, we encountered significant obstacles, including missed shows, additional work commitments to finance studio sessions and familial responsibilities. Nevertheless, our unwavering dedication to our artistic vision persisted. Following these challenges, we immersed ourselves in the creative process, culminating in the genesis of the next chapter of Devitalized—an embodiment of our true essence and values. The inception of 'Welcome Back' marked a transformative moment for me, as it symbolized the gradual dissipation of the persistent void within my consciousness. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to my bandmates, our producer, and our devoted listeners, whose support and encouragement have been instrumental in our journey.”

“Welcome Back” is the fourth single to be released in anticipation of the band’s debut studio album, State of Aggression, which is slotted in the calendar for May 17th. This song accompanies an additional four tracks, including "Godslayer (feat. Tom Barber)", "X_X", and "Deep Cuts".

Stream the brand-new track from Devitalized below!

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