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Danny Silvertone is Risking it All on His Newest Single

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Mar 9, 2024
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Photo taken by Harlan Cone and provided courtesy of Don't Blink Music Group

With just over a month to go until the release of his upcoming album, Nocturnal, Phoenix-native singer-songwriter Danny Silvertone has unveiled the LP’s lead single, “Risk It All.” Diving into a narrative of a romantic rendezvous with late-night vibes, emotive yet sultry lyrics delivered through hypnotic, breathy vocals infuse the track with palpable feelings of passion and longing. Furthermore, by combining various elements of genres such as pop, R&B, and alternative rock, Silvertone ensures his new single is just as atmospheric as infectious.

Giving his insight into the creation of “Risk It All” and how it came to be the dynamic, theatric track it is, the R&B/alternative pop musician shared, “This song is like my personal love letter to 2014 Tumblr pop music that had heavy drums and a lot of post-production … I wanted it to feel cinematic, big, and like an adventure.”

The cover art for Danny Silvertone's "Risk It All," from his upcoming album, Nocturnal.

"Risk It All" begins with light synths and faint vocals in the background that build up and into the overall melody and beat of the song, fitting Silvertone's desire for the single to feel cinematic. Though the dramatic percussion and alluring crooning kick in at just under the 20-second mark, the lead-up to it is similar to how the beginning of a movie shows off just enough to keep everyone interested before truly blowing their minds. As Silvertone's repeated calls of “I wanna risk it all when I see you,” play during the chorus, listeners are guaranteed to be entranced and fully invested.

Additionally, Silvertone's utilization of different sonic aspects in "Risk It All" displays his clear versatility as a musician while enhancing the song's magnetism. Rhythmic backing vocals and captivating electronic elements such as synths and distortions mix with impressive guitar layers, giving the percussion-focused track an ethereal ambiance. The way it all comes together cohesively is beautiful and almost magical, further drawing the listener in, and completely captivating their attention.

If the release of Danny Silvertone's newest single, "Risk It All," is meant to set expectations for his upcoming album, then Nocturnal will undoubtedly be a smashing hit. In the meantime, listeners can take the edge off their excitement by playing "Risk It All" on repeat until April 19th.

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