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Enterprise Earth Perfect Deathcore with 'Death: An Anthology'

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Jan 30, 2024
4 min read
Photo courtesy of Cosa Nostra PR | Photo Credit: Nick Chance

If you haven't guessed it by now, I am a huge deathcore fan. Not only do I love deathcore, but I love Enterprise Earth. From their early days being on We Are Triumphant & Stay Sick Records to their recent releases on MNRK Heavy, the band has done nothing but improve with every release. I've had the absolute luxury of catching the band multiple times throughout Texas over the past few years. Not only have I seen them preform with the likes of Fit For An Autopsy, PalefaceSwiss, and the So What?! Music Festival, I've also written several reviews about their singles starting all the way back with "Psalm of Agony". So, it is my absolute pleasure to getting the opportunity to write about their fifth album: Death: An Anthology.

With the one of shortest songs of the album clocking in at just over four minutes while the rest range from five and half to seven minutes, the entire album is simply a musical journey from start to finish. With songs that showcase the power and tremendous musical ability of the Enterprise Earth boys on their own to songs with features that elevate the band to an almost god-like status, I cannot even begin to fathom the correct words to describe the album. Travis Worland's lyrical and vocal ability transcends the ability of most vocalists especially when accompanied by peers such as Darius Tehrani, Ben Duerr, Wed Hauch, & Matthew Heafy. Gabe Mangold & Dakota Johnson's ability to deliver crushing riffs while executing flawless guitar solos is just out of this world. And, how can we forget the immaculate drumming of Brandon Zackey? Zackey's drumming ability is sure to land him a spot as one of the most influential drummers of the genre. How many bands do you know that have a nearly five minute instrumental track that is full of blast beats, solos, chunky bass lines, and sounds like something you would hear back in the metal bands we all grew up listening to?

When speaking on the album, Cosa Nostra PR had this to say:

More than anything else, we share death in common. This universal eventuality unites us. In an evolutionary sense, it effectively ensures our equality. No matter who you are, you will die. Enterprise Earth explore death from a different perspective altogether. Rather than turn away from it, the U.S. quartet—Gabe Mangold [guitar, backing vocals, production], Brandon Zackey [drums], Travis Worland [vocals], and Dakota Johnson [bass]—face it head-on with their fifth full-length offering, DEATH: AN ANTHOLOGY [MNRK HEAVY]. Against an apocalyptic soundtrack of battering ram double bass drums, gut-punching guitars, and disarmingly dynamic vocals, the group present their most immersive and inimitable vision yet.

Enterprise Earth are truly out here claiming the throne as deathcore royalty. They laid claim when they released The Chosen, and have been securing their place on the throne ever since. With releases like Psalm of Agony, The World Without Us, & Death Magick, the band continues to show they are a force to be reckoned with. Death: An Anthology is going to be one of the best releases of 2024 and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for the band.

Album Art courtesy of Cosa Nostra PR | Album Art credit: Dementula Art

'DEATH: AN ANTHOLOGY' - Enterprise Earth

Track Listing:

1. Abyss

2. Face of Fear

3. The Reaper's Servant (ft. Darius Tehrani)

4. Spineless

5. King Of Ruination (ft. Ben Duerr)

6. Casket Of Rust

7. I, Divine

8. Malevolent Force (ft. Wes Hauch)

9. Accelerated Demise

10. Blood And Teeth        

11. Curse Of Flesh (ft. Matthew K. Heafy)

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