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Eyes Up: An Exclusive Interview with SAVING VICE

Music Scene Media
Apr 11, 2023
4 min read

By Melanie Bryan

Saving Vice is a metalcore band from Vermont, currently getting ready to head out on their headlining tour, The End of Winter. The band has been met with numerous challenges with trying to tour lately, but are finally able to get back out there and see their diehard fans. This tour will be a celebration of the anniversary of their debut release, Colder Than Dark, which will be the first time playing some of these songs live. Tyler Small has said, “When ‘Colder Than Dark’ came out, it sort up blew up fast, but we weren’t really touring at that time. Once we did start touring heavily, we were already supporting ‘Hello There’, so most of our fans haven’t heard these songs live. With it being the 5-year anniversary of the EP, it was kind of perfect timing to bring back a few of the tracks for our OG fans to hear – and it will probably be the last time we ever play some of these songs.” This sounds like a tour we don’t want to miss! Stay tuned for Music Scene Media‘s coverage of the tour, and read on for more from Tyler.

MSM: Can you start by introducing yourself and sharing your role in the band?
TYLER: I’m Tyler Small from Essex Jct VT and I do vocals.

MSM: Can you tell me a little about your background and how Saving Vice came together?
TYLER: I grew up in the VT metalcore/hardcore scene. I tried to start bands but the gatekeeping was really savage, so I ended up going west to start a band for 3 years. It didn’t pan out, and after coming home to VT, I stumbled upon Saving Vice, who was assembled by Robbie Litchfield in college.

MSM: What makes your band stand out in the crowded metalcore scene, and how do you strive to stay unique?
TYLER: We started out trying to be a band that brought the risecore era back to the scene, we’ve always been lucky to try and do new things that happen to stay in line with coming trends but while staying different and ahead of the curve. We like to incorporate all the best parts of all music genres we like. Having one sound or style is kind of a prison for creativity.

MSM: What challenges do you face as an independent/DIY band? Why do you choose to stay independent? Do you think it makes you stronger as a team?
TYLER: There are so many challenges, mainly just being seen and taken seriously. It takes so much work and time but like any business it eventually pays off. We at this point make a really decent profit so now that we make money we keep all our money. Not owing anyone anything is huge and everyone having to pull their wait to keep the business afloat really does make us all a better team. We’re always open to the right label who can foster our vision but we don’t want to lose any part of us, either.

MSM: Can you talk about any specific songs that have a special meaning
TYLER: Almost all our music is an introspective journey through pain, misery, and self actualization. The songs are all connected to one bigger story. It’s hard to pick just one when they’re all so personal to us.

MSM: You have done some incredible covers, such as “Another Life” by Motionless in White and “Bring Me to Life” by Evanescence. Do you have any plans to do any others?
TYLER: Covers are a great tool to capture broader audiences and to foster more stream revenue but we’re focused on our own material right now.

MSM: You will be embarking on a headlining tour soon called “The End of Winter” and celebrating the 5th anniversary of your debut EP, Colder Than Dark. What are you most excited about with this tour?
TYLER: Honestly just to see how many people have been following our music since that first EP who have NEVER seen us before live.

MSM: How do you stay motivated and focused as a band, and what advice would you give to others looking to pursue a music career?
TYLER: You have to have a collective vision and discipline. If you put your all into something, it leaves you know choice but to move forward. You have to be willing to dive in and take a leap of faith. Having one foot in and one foot out will always leave you depending on a safety net.

MSM: What are your goals, and where do you see the band in the next few years?
TYLER: We want to be a full time touring, self-sustaining band. Right now we’re just trying to hit some big festivals and get LPII ready to go.

MSM: What do you think the future of metalcore looks like, and how do you see your band fitting into that landscape?
TYLER: I think we’re about to enter another golden age of metalcore like the 2010 era. I’d like to think we spent 5 years paving a path for that exact time for everyone to rediscover our discography. We will continue to take the best influences and add them to our sound as we are inspired.

MSM: What are you passionate about besides music?
TYLER: I’m really into martial arts, Bruce Lee’s philosophies, and art. I’m a really big nerd/action figure collector. Star Wars, Marvel, and all that good stuff keeps me sane between band events.

MSM: What’s your motto or some good advice that you live by?
TYLER: “Eyes Up” is our bands mantra, it basically is the idea of keeping your head up and your eye on the prize. But I was really impacted by “The Art of Dying”. The idea is that you accept your own death, however it comes and it relieves you of the fear and anxiety of second-guessing life.

MSM: Lastly, do you have any closing messages for your fans?
TYLER: Thank you. Just thank you so much. We are going to make you all glad you bet on Saving Vice and make sure you all join The SV Covenant group on Facebook to keep in touch with us!



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