Hate Blasts Through Joliet, IL

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Oct 20, 2022
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The death metal band recently passed through the Chicagoland area while supporting Batushka during their 2022 Fall tour

Blast beats, nuclear shredding, and distorted vocals filled The Forge in Joliet, IL this past week when Hate melted fan’s faces while supporting Batushka for their Fall tour. Also joining Hate and Batushka for this stop were Chicago locals Lurid and Withering Soul who both brought their own unique sound of death metal to ensure the fans in attendance got their fill of heavy metal galore.

Hate, the Polish black metal band formed in 1990 with founding and last original member Adam “The First Sinner” Buszko, are still going strong 30 years later with their thunderous tempo and exhilarating atmosphere during their live performances. Heavy fog fills the venue while flashing red lights fire off with every note being played. The members, all of which were wearing black outfits with white face paint, continuously throwing their fists into the air to get the crowd screaming and headbanging while the band would shortly join them in the orchestrated moments of mayhem. The band even faked out the crowd by only playing a handful of songs before thanking the fans and leaving the stage, which left the crowd in shock that they only got to see a brief glimpse of the band. But, after a minute of the crowd chanting the band’s name, they shortly returned to the stage to thunderous applause and great relief. Needless to say, the crowd went through mixed emotions throughout the performance but by the time it was over, the concert-goers were ecstatic to experience the heavy performance that Hate brought to Joliet, IL.

Check out our full photo gallery below:

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