Melanie Mae Williamson

HOLDING ABSENCE and The Noble Art of Self-Destruction | Interview

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Jul 11, 2023
1 min read

Welsh rock outfit Holding Absence was formed in 2015, but they've been dominating the scene more and more lately. The four-piece, made up of Lucas Woodland (vocals), Scott Carey (guitar), Benjamin Elliott (bass), and Ashley Green (drums), have announced their third album to be released on August 25, 2023. Regarding the release, the band stated: "Today, we are pleased to announce the third Holding Absence album The Noble Art of Self Destruction will be released on August 25! After an insanely busy and fulfilling album cycle for our second record, last October we spent a month in Jukasa Studios Canada, to record more new music. This record — the third in a trilogy — is by far our most conceptually rich and expansive body of work to date. We feel like these songs are almost a love letter to everything Holding Absence, and can't wait to show everybody just how much space we have managed to cover, and how hard we were able to push ourselves with these songs."

We recently had the chance to chat with vocalist Lucas Woodland about the forthcoming album and more.

By Melanie Mae Bryan


*Header photo provided courtesy of Atom Splitter PR

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