Jackson Tujo

Cody Etc. Asks, "Why is it so complicated just trying to stay alive?"

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Aug 31, 2023
1 min read
Photo of Cody Etc. at Ollie's Pub by Jackson Tujo

“Please just let me be more than you’ll ever see.” With I DON'T WANT TO BE HERE ANYMORE, Southwest Florida musician Cody Etc. offers a mature and unique sound. I have witnessed many Cody shows, and I can truthfully claim you will not hear their sound from anyone else. Is it emo, pop, folk punk, or just some sad shit? I do not know, but I love it.

"Bundle of Joi" is my favorite track on this release. "Now I'm nothing, and I'm happy that way." I do not think there is a better song to describe the paradox between how things seem on the outside versus what is on the inside. Or maybe it is finding happiness in misery. Regardless, this song connects with me, and I think it may also connect with you.

"Bad Guy" contains a theme often heard from grunge stars—a seemingly happy track melodically, yet with a darker story and a twinge of irony. "Wannabe" is also a great example of this theme, saying, "I'm fine the way I am, leave me alone," but with a cheerful, almost Alice in Wonderland atmosphere.

"Memento Mauri" is a beautiful closer to an intense journey of an EP. It offers a cool dual vocal effect. What separates Cody from other artists I have seen is how thought-out every song is. You can tell they have spent countless hours agonizing over making the song fit the image in their head. This track perfectly communicates the feeling of having nothing to live for but not quite ready to give up.

Cody Etc. created a piece of art that everyone can relate to but not possibly duplicate. They created an immersive soundscape for every track and a story that flows from beginning to end. If you are ever feeling hopeless, put on an EP like I DON'T WANT TO BE HERE ANYMORE and maybe you will feel less alone.


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