Melanie Mae Williamson

Into the Black: Imminence Takes Over Charlotte

Music Scene Media
May 15, 2024
2 min read

What may have seemed like a typical Monday night in Charlotte, NC to some was anything but. The Neighborhood Theatre, a small 956-capacity venue in the NoDa district, was about to be taken over by Swedish metalcore band Imminence.

Fresh off the release of their latest album, The Black, Imminence has embarked on their tour of the same name. With Imminence not coming to the United States often, plus support from rising bands in the scene like Catch Your Breath and Of Virtue, this was a tour not to be missed!

Imminence took the stage after a long period of introductory music. The crowd was chanting the entire time, alternating a chorus of "Eddie!" with "Imminence!". The excitement in the sold-out room was unbelievable, and continued to build until their eventual appearance.

Metalcore with violins? But, somehow, it works beautifully. Formed in 2009, Imminence is made up of Eddie Berg (lead vocals, violin), Harald Barrett (lead guitar, backing vocals), Alex Arnoldsson (rhythm guitar), Peter Hanström (drums), and Christian Höijer (bass). They have released five studio albums, with The Black debuting last month.

Imminence put on an incredible show. Eddie was lively, dramatic, and mesmerizing. The band's passion for their craft was unmatched, and the setlist was full of career-spanning hits, guaranteed to please any fan. This is a must-see for any Imminence fans, or metalcore fans in general!


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