Matt Benton

In Flames Finish Their May 2024 Tour in Dallas, TX

Matt Benton
May 28, 2024
5 min read

Being in Dallas, TX this time of year is awful when you think about the heat. June isn't even here yet and it is already feeling like walking through an oven when you walk outside. Definitely the type of weather to make you want to stay inside and not leave the couch. You'd have to give me a good reason to go back outside and sweat off 20 pounds. Going to a bar to watch the Dallas Mavericks or Dallas Stars in their playoff games? No thanks. I'll watch it at home. Going down to Deep Ellum to see Kublai Khan TX play a sold out show? Tempting, but no thanks. Going to The House of Blues to see In Flames, Gatecreeper, & Creeping Death end their May tour? Well shit. I guess you got me.

Hitting the stage first was Dallas-Fort Worth natives Creeping Death. I've heard the name before, but never had a chance to catch the band live. Holy shit, have I been missing out. Creeping Death played some of the nastiest, most brutal, and most intense metal I've heard in ages. Not to mention their stage energy is just as intense as their music. I don't think any of the band members stopped head banging the entire set. As Creeping Death continued to deliver a performance of a lifetime, the crowd matched that energy and went as equally insane. It may be less than 24 hours since seeing them, but I am already craving more from them.

Gatecreeper took the stage next to a roar of applause. Hailing from Arizona, the band must have felt at home in the Texas heat as they delivered some of the heaviest riffs, bone shaking blast beats, and fear-inducing vocals that the House of Blues has ever heard. Each song was somehow heavier then the one prior. As the crowd moshed and continued to go insane as the circle pits grew in size, there was easily one moment that topped all. During their last song of the set, Creeping Death decided to come and join Gatecreeper to help out on vocals and it was met with an eruption of happy fans. Seeing heavy bands have fun while performing is something that holds a specials place in my heart. It shows that this is more than a job, more than music, more than just something to do. It is a family and you have to love to see it.

It finally came time for the Swedish heavy metal legends to take the stage. That's right- I'm talking about In Flames! With a work career spanning longer than I've been alive, it is impossible to not recognize the impact In Flames has made for heavy music. The last time I had the luxury of seeing In Flames was about a year or so ago when they were direct support for Meshuggah. Seeing In Flames head-bang across the stage while delivering some of the most impeccable playing is nothing short of amazing. Guitarists Chris Broderick & Björn Gelotte absolutely shredded each and every song with precision and flawlessness while bassist Liam Wilson delivered some of the heaviest bass lines that fans could feel in their bones. Drummer Tanner Wayne didn't miss a beat while playing with such heaviness that I'm pretty sure the foundation of the building was changed. And, ugh, we can't go any further without mentioning the studio quality vocals from vocalist Anders Fridén. The man has been doing this for decades and his voice sounds as pristine as always.

I'm sure I speak for every fan in attendance last night when I say we are all patiently waiting for the return of In Flames to Dallas, TX.

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