Lauv's All 4 Nothing Tour Comes to DC

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Aug 29, 2022
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All 4 Nothing Tour @ The Anthem, Washington, DC / 08-25-22

David Kushner, who was recently added to Lauv’s ‘all 4 nothing’ tour, kicked off the show and the crowd loved him. He’s known for his popular songs “Mr. Forgettable” and “Miserable Man” which you may have heard when they went viral on Tik-Tok. 

Up next was Hayley Kiyoko. Hayley brought liveliness and colorfulness to the crowd which was incredibly welcoming. She danced around stage during her entire set and I was getting tired just watching her! She made a ton of eye contact with fans and was overall excellent! Hayley finished her set off by waving a fan’s Pride flag during her song “Girls Like Girls” — it took her two tries to catch the Pride flag but everyone cheered when she finally caught it! 

Lauv brought an insane amount of energy during his 90-minute set. I was in awe of so many different things while watching his performance. First off, his stage setup was like nothing I had seen before. He basically had two massive screens on stage that played his visuals — one behind him and one that he could stand and dance on. The visuals on those screens played various clips of patterns, colors, clouds, etc. It was an amazing sight. I also had the opportunity to go up into the balcony and view it from the top down and that was an incredible sight as well. 

Lauv was feeling the intense energy from the crowd and loving every second of it. He was so excited from singing and dancing that he even took off his shirt at one point. His show is so easy to go and enjoy (even if you don’t know all of the lyrics) so if a friend wants to take you, you should absolutely go! He finished off his encore with his most popular song “I Like Me Better” (which has over 1 billion streams on Spotify) and it seemed to be the moment the crowd looked forward to the entire night. 

Lauv put on an amazing show and I was very blown away by the stage design and direction and would definitely recommend going and seeing it for yourself. 

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