Grace Earley

Lauren Sanderson headlines Indy Pride Fest

Grace Earley
Jun 16, 2024
3 min read

The legendary alternative pop performer Lauren Sanderson, who was raised in Fort Wayne, performed live last week at the annual Pride Festival in Indianapolis. Every year, 95,000 members of the LGBTQ+ community and their allies gather at the Millitary Park celebration. Having spent the last 10 years listening to Lauren, I was really excited about her performance!

By the time Lauren Sanderson, an Indiana native of 28 years old, turned 18, she had established a significant online following. When she released her debut EP in 2016, Young Hollywood named her an artist to watch. She first achieved popularity on YouTube and SoundCloud. Due to the EP, Center of Expression's success, Sanderson was signed to Epic Records, with whom she released one album before opting to distribute her music independently.

The barricade was crowded with ardent supporters brandishing banners to capture Lauren's attention; they appeared overly enthusiastic to be distracted by the sweltering heat and 90 degree heat index. Ultimately, when the set was about to start, the park was filled with screams and chanting of Sanderson's name that could have been heard all the way from downtown Indy. She started her part of the afternoon with the song "Therapy" from her junior album release, Death of a Fantasy, running onto the stage with the most flawless energy and gorgeous smile imaginable.

Lauren engaged with the audience to such an incredible degree; it always makes my heart sing to witness fans getting acknowledged by one of their favorite musicians. As she went on to play some of her more well-known songs, such "But I Like It" and "IDC AT ALL," her commitment to her art astounded me. Chants of "Let's go Lesbians!" opened the performance before Sanderson began singing "GAY 4 ME," a song originally by G Flip featuring Lauren. The crowd went completely crazy at every word. The hardcore fans, who I know had no voices leaving the concert, were won over by lesser-known songs like "Freak / Pinterest."

I strongly advise you to make it to the pit on one of Lauren Sanderson's remaining Pride '24 dates. She still has a few left. I was so happy that it was impossible to be happier. She is obviously incredibly enthusiastic about music, as evidenced by each and every song she performs live. Below is a list of the remaining shows!


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