Ian Storck

Verivery Meets Chicago with the 'Go On' Tour

Ian Storck
Jun 20, 2024
3 min read

K-pop group Verivery returned to the U.S. for the first time since their “Page:0” Tour in 2022, this time bringing a different type of show altogether. The “Fan-Meeting Tour: Go On” provided a new level of fan interaction for the VERRER (their fandom), along with a handful of performances.

Normally a 7-member group, the tour only featured four members: Gyehyeon, Yeonho, Yongseung, and Kangmin. Other members Hoyoung and Minchan are currently on a hiatus, while Dongheon is serving the mandatory military requirement that even idols aren’t exempt from. While down to nearly half of the regular lineup, the show still brought out the standard in entertainment that one can expect from a K-pop show, and even gave more time for the remaining four members to shine.

Without prior knowledge of the idea of “fan meetings,” one might not know what to expect of such a show. After leading off with their “Crazy Like That” and “Tag Tag Tag,” the group did their standard introductions, followed by a lengthy session of fan interactions and games.

The idea behind fan meeting concerts isn’t just for watching the live performances of hit tracks, but to get the opportunity to get to know their favorite artists a little bit better, and see them live in a more relaxed situation than a performance-heavy concert. Think of it as a variety show, if you will, with the members answering questions and playing different games against each other.

Fans shouted answers during a “recognize the song” segment as the members impromptu danced to songs by Aespa, NCT Dream, Stray Kids, as well as during a game of charades, where the answer of “Cloud Gate” (the proper name of the Chicago landmark “The Bean”) confused the members a bit, though the vocal Chicago fans were quick to inform them of the answer.

With a pared down stage setup and performance space, the show felt very laid back, though there were still choreography-filled numbers and costume changes. Without a release since their 7th mini album Liminality - EP.Dream in early 2023, there wasn’t a focus on a particular release, outside of their fan-favorite songs. They definitely made sure to include “With Us,” “G.B.T.B.,” “O,” and “Lay Back” as one of the final encore tracks.

The phrase “fan meeting” tour truly does advertise what to expect at a show, with the interaction aspect being key throughout the night. This is certainly something for a dedicated fan of the artist to participate in, rather than a casual K-pop fan, and the VERRERs in attendance certainly had a blast getting to see the group in such a laid back atmosphere.

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