Matt Benton

LO & Oni Bring Out a "Phantasy"

Music Scene Media
Mar 15, 2024
2 min read


Yeah, that's how I'm going to start this review. Normally I get at least 5 seconds before having my ears torn to pieces, but Lo must have been thinking "Nah. We going in straight away" on their new track "Phantasy" with the help of Oni. Now, you might be thinking to yourself, "Ears torn to pieces? That sounds like an awful thing to say about a track". In my opinion, it is one of the highest compliments to give a track. In the world of heavy music, it is so easy to fall into the sea of the hundreds of other heavy bands. Finding that "thing" to set you apart will take you straight to the top. And, I can absolutely say that Lo has that "thing".

Photo Credit: Sarah Tester

Upon first listening, the song sounds like it belongs in an apocalypse/ cyber-punk movie or video game trailer. The first thirty seconds of the song transition from an "in-your-face" demon yell to a hook that leaves you wanting more. Incorporating elements of multiple genres helps set this track apart from anything I've heard so far this year. From deathcore to hip-hop to an almost electronic sound, the track has it all. The most impressive part of the track, is the ability to have each of the different genres build off one another. And even though the cross genre sound is happening, nothing about the track seems forced or done by mistake. The ability mix and master each of the sounds is nothing short of masterful. Accompanied by the vocals of Jake Oni, the song continues to develop into a contender for "song of the year". The blend of vocal elements throughout the song will absolutely leave listeners wanting to go back and listen to the track again and again. I've listened to the track at least 10 times while writing this article.

If you are doubting me, you will luckily have the chance to hear the song yourself when it drops on the 22nd of March. "Oh, but I don't want to wait that long". Well, you're in luck again because Lo will be performing at Mosh For Miracles. Who knows, maybe fans will get an extra treat and get to hear the song live before it's release. Only one way to find out.

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