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Mipso's 'The Book of Fools' Continues to Impress on Their West Coast Tour

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Feb 16, 2024
4 min read

Mipso and the 'Book of Fools 2024 Tour' made their Phoenix stop playing at Valley Bar this week. Alongside them, the show was kicked off by Phoenix Native Izzy Mahoubi. This is the second part of the 'Book of Fools Tour' specifically focused on the West Coast, making their 10th stop in Arizona. The journey is for an album tour tied to their most recent release in August of 2023. The Book of Fools album features influences from bluegrass, indie folk, and alternative rock music, and highlights the experience the band has of playing together for over a decade. The most streamed song on the album, “Carolina Rolling By,” is a nod to the tune “Carolina Calling” on their first album, Dark Holler Pop, released in 2013. The song is a more nuanced view of their home state and the life of a traveling band. Beneath the mesmerizing harmonies, the North Carolina native's lyrics are filled with profound words about life and change. The band has the unique ability to mix and match instruments and keep the audience completely engaged throughout the entire show. No two Mipso sounds are alike with different singers and featured instruments. I am not sure if I have ever seen a band that can effortlessly change what they’re doing on stage in real time quite like Mipso. 

The show was opened by a solo Izzy Mahoubi, a local singer-songwriter. She regularly plays with a full band but graced us with an intimate acoustic set. The young 18-year-old artist has a lot to look forward to in a music career, with a bright future ahead of her. Hauling from influences like Maggie Rogers, Joni Mitchell, and Tom Petty - Izzy has an old-school feel to her new-aged music that I think a lot of folks can relate to. 

Mipso then took the stage, featuring Wood Robinson on the bass, both electric and standup, Joseph Terrell on the lead guitar, Libby Rodenbough on keys and violin, and Jacob Sharp on the mandolin and guitar. The lead vocal duties were split amongst Libby, Joseph, and Jacob, depending on the song. Mipso took to the stage with "Talking in My Sleep," a feature tune from their 2017 album Coming Down The Mountain. This track seems to fully encapsulate Mipso, with everyone involved musically and on the harmonies.

The opening song was followed by the title track to their 2018 album, Edges Run, and the next two songs were from the tour album, “The Numbers” and “Called Out Loaded." After a few more songs, the band went entirely acoustic, with everyone utilizing one microphone. The 4 songs allowed the opportunity for an intimate experience with the audience; musicianship at its finest.

Mipso’s mix of old-school folk & bluegrass with a more modern alternative rock sound provides an uplifting all-around experience that I believe anyone could enjoy. If you’re located on the west coast, you’re in luck as Mipso has seven more shows left on the tour. And, if you’re a newer fan, I suggest checking out their most recent album, The Book of Fools.

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