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Profiler is Going Places With the Release of 'A Digital Nowhere'

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Feb 16, 2024
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Having already established a reputation for unforgettable live performances, UK-based Profiler further solidifies their spot as one of the most exciting acts in the resurgence of nu-metal with the release of their debut album, A Digital Nowhere. By exploring humanity’s reliance on and thirst for technological advancement and the fear of it causing irreversible damage to society, Profiler fuels A Digital Nowhere with lyrical transparency, emotive instrumentals, and a stunning display of vocal diversity. 

Consisting of vocalist and guitarist Mike Evans, bassist and vocalist Joe Johnson, and drummer Brad Ratcliffe, Profiler formed in 2017 as a solo project for Evans. Influenced by the creatives before them who were unafraid to break the barriers of genre, the 3-piece seamlessly blends grunge influences into an alternative metal basis. Adding a refreshing touch of modernity to the musical styles reminiscent of the '90s and early '00s, Profiler rejuvenates the nu-metal genre while creating a sound unique solely to them.

First up on A Digital Nowhere is "All In Forever," a track previously released as one of three promotional singles. Beginning with a fun, funky bassline, things quickly heat up just before the 30-second mark with a drop that catapults "All In Forever" into a more traditional metal direction- a now heavier bass flawlessly fusing with the brutal guitar to support raging drums. The vocal switch-ups between melodic crooning, impassioned screams, and cadenced rapping highlight the band's wide range of musical influences and enhance the song's turbulent emotions.

A Digital Nowhere then transitions into "Artifice," followed by "Delay," and then"Animo." While the blaring instrumentals give "Artifice" an immediate sonic intensity, the periodic record scratches are reminiscent of old-school hip-hop, and perfectly complement the track's rap vocals. While "Delay" starts with a softer vibe the energy kicks up in no time with a grunting bass and intricate guitar riffs. Though fast-paced, the drums somehow retain the overall softness of "Delay." Another of the three tracks previously released as singles, Profiler's vulnerable side truly shines through on "Animo." Vocally the track focuses more on traditional singing and a rap delivery, amplifying the emotions behind the song's lyrics.

Next on A Digital Nowhere are "To Utopia" and "Zero," followed by "Operator," the final of the three previously released songs. Fast, heavy, and infused with punishing breakdowns, "To Utopia" is another track that changes between growling screams with rapping and emotional croons. It truly encompasses Profiler's cohesive blend of grunge and nu-metal. With an intricate bassline, thunderous, lively drums, and the guitar switching between elaborate rock riffs and traditional metal breakdowns, "Zero" has a little bit of something for every alternative music fan to enjoy. And the clear hip-hop undertones add a refreshingly modernized sound. "Operator" is another one that gorgeously showcases the band's genre-bending capabilities. Possessing aspects from various alternative music styles and infused with elements of hip-hop, Profiler clearly displays their talent in executing a multitude of musical styles on "Operator."

The official music video for "Operator" by Profiler

Coming towards the album's end, A Digital Nowhere moves into "Consumed" and "The Living Receiver." A much softer and slower track with an ethereal ambiance, "Consumed" once again exposes the band's more sensitive side. A beautiful display of strings from both guitar and bass combines with soft, emotive drumming to reflect the vulnerability of the lyrics, making "Consumed" by far one of the most emotional tracks on A Digital Nowhere. Kicking up the energy one last time with blaring guitars, rapid drumming, and a deep, complex bass, the lyrics of "The Living Receiver" go on to reveal that it's also the LP's namesake song.

Bringing A Digital Nowhere to a close is "Sequence," the album's longest track at a little over four and a half minutes. Like "Consumed," this song begins much softer and slower than most of the others on A Digital Nowhere. However, the incredible vocal melodies and harmonization help give "Sequence" a more soothing, almost hopeful feel. A feeling that is only further enhanced when the track slightly crescendos a little more than halfway through. As the final notes of "Sequence" ring out, listeners are sure to find themselves feeling a little more optimistic and at peace.

Profiler's highly anticipated debut album proves that some things are definitely worth the wait. Unafraid to push outside the typical boundaries of genre, the band's incorporation of elements from various styles outside of those typically seen in metal is impeccably executed. A Digital Nowhere truly shows why Profiler is considered one of the most exciting bands emerging from the nu-metal scene.

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