Jackson Tujo

Nita Strauss - "Victorious" | Single Review

Music Scene Media
Jun 7, 2023
1 min read

by Jackson Tujo

Guitar icon Nita Strauss announced her newest album, The Call of the Void, via Sumerian records and released the anthem “Victorious”, featuring Dorothy on vocals, as the lead single on June 6. Nita Strauss has made a name for herself as a guitarist with a powerful and unique playing style. “Victorious” is a track about “never backing down from a fight”, and will have you ready to fight back against what is holding you down.

“Victorious” follows a traditional pop song structure, but executes it well enough to keep you on the edge of your seat. The verses, powered by Nita’s slow build-up riffs, lead to a massive chorus, bolstered by Dorothy’s booming and powerful singing. This slow buildup makes the grand payoff of the chorus effortless to sing along with. The production of the track offers a grand feel to the song, playing to Nita and Dorothy’s strengths. Nita Strauss’ solo during the bridge is sure to be a crowd-favorite during future shows. 

Nita Strauss is already known as a guitar virtuoso, and now “Victorious” cements her as a terrific songwriter. The music video accompanying this track is also worth checking out. It features two cameos, 13-year old rising guitar star Charlotte Milstein playing a role as young Nita and also featuring Olympian Mikalea Mayer. A powerful message with an empowering music video, “Victorious” is sure to be the anthem of the summer. 

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