Melanie Mae Williamson

Exploring The Most Metal Moments in Wrestling with OF VIRTUE

Melanie Mae Williamson
Jun 21, 2024
2 min read
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PHOTO: @melmaemedia

Of Virtue has been quietly growing over the last 16 years, gaining a loyal fanbase everywhere they go, but they're ready to claim their rightful place as a force to be reckoned with. The band just finished up a tour supporting Swedish metalcore giants, Imminence, and they're embarking on a headlining tour this fall. Here, Damon from Of Virtue shares with us the most metal moments in wrestling:

Punk, metal, hardcore, and every sub-genre in between have been a staple in the wrestling world, and Damon from Of Virtue shares with us the most metal moments of all...

  1. Undertaker throws Mankind off Hell in a Cell (King of the Ring '98)
    One of the greatest matches of all time and literally in the first 5 minutes, Mick Foley gets chucked off the top of the cell. What can be more metal than that?

  1. Undertaker chokeslams Mankind through the cell
    Apparently, the answer is him getting chokeslammed through the cell not long afterwards!

  1. Stone Cold drives beer truck in and soaks The Corporation (RAW 99)
    Literal peak Stone Cold. Who drives a beer truck into an arena just to fuck with their boss LOL

  1. Kane vs MVP Inferno Match (Armageddon 06)

  1. Shane vs Vince street fight (Raw 2001/2002)
    Both of them have taken turns being the ultimate villains so seeing them in a hardcore style street fight was so freaking cool. Shane with the drop kick from the top rope into the trash can is so epic!

  1. TLC match with Edge, Christian, The Dudley Boyz and The Hardys (Wrestlemania 17)
    Who can forget the iconic moment where Edge literally almost kills Jeff Hardy with the spear while he's holding on for dear life!

  1. Kane dousing Stone Cold in fake blood promo (Raw 98)
    I saw WCW do this with Sting and Vampiro not that long before this one but this was so much different because of the characters. Kane was seemingly invincible and Austin was at his peak so there was a legitimate fear Austin could lose.

  1. Undertaker drags Kane to Hell (under the ring)

  1. Rhea Ripley enters the ring to the tune of Motionless In White in her home of Australia
    Rhea is not only an incredibly humble, awesome person - but she's one of us, a metalhead. Her entrance music is Motionless In White, she reps the scene so she's metal AF.

  1. Rock vs Mankind I Quit Match (Royal Rumble 99)
    Nothing screams metal like getting ELEVEN chair shots to the head while you're tied up. I thought The Rock was literally going to kill this dude….


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