Taylor Dakota

Baltimore Quartet Blow A Gasket on New EP

Taylor Dakota
Jun 21, 2024
2 min read
Photo taken by Evan Reilly

Less than a year after the release of their debut EP, Dull The Needle, hardcore punk four-piece GASKET is back with their follow-up EP, BABYLON. Fueled by roaring, guttural vocals and blaring yet intricate instrumentals, the band makes every second count on BABYLON, with most songs falling under the two-minute mark. But GASKET proves that sometimes less is more with fiery passion, vigorous energy, and beautifully smooth transitions between songs seeping into every track, making this release their best work yet.

"This EP is the hardest we've ever worked on anything together,” the band shared. They continued, “ As simple as it may sound, it's a culmination of all of our favorite bands.  Lyrically, it's a melting pot of experiences and feelings we've had for the past two years that we hope people can relate to. BABYLON represents GASKET as a whole; it's our escape from reality and we couldn't be more grateful for it."

The cover art for BABYLON, the newest EP by GASKET.

Cohesively blending elements from a multitude of genres like old-school hardcore, grungey punk, and grimy hardcore, BABYLON has a little bit of everything to make any heavy music lover's heart soar. From impassioned screams and deep basslines to crunchy guitars and animated drumming, GASKET's new EP will leave fans yearning to open a pit.

Lyrically, BABYLON is just as explosive as it is in sound. From the opening song "GUILLOTINE," to the EP's closer, "PENANCE," the band uses every aspect of the music to ensure all the volatile and consuming emotions are embedded deep into every track. And with blunt verses that don't hold back anything, GASKET guarantees listeners will know exactly how they're feeling.

BABYLON is a hardcore masterpiece that will only leave fans wanting more from GASKET. Luckily, with a slew of tour dates across the East Coast this July, they won't be waiting long, but until then everyone will just have to mosh along to the music at home.

Stream BABYLON by GASKET, out now!

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