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Pantera's Legacy Lives on in Green Bay

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Feb 20, 2024
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The long-awaited Pantera reunion tour run continues, as they follow-up their epic 2023 run with the “For Legacy Tour” in 2024, hitting the road with Lamb of God once again.

Opener Child Bite immediately set the tone for the crowd at the Resch Center in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Vocalist Shawn Knight prowled the stage, completely unhinged, as the band ripped through a heavy set. The band gave off backyard wrestling vibes, which gave me the desire to see them at a much grungier venue; I’m sure their stage antics and dropkicked beers would be welcomed tenfold. This wild energy is what an arena crowd needs to jumpstart an evening of heavy metal, getting them off of their feet and getting the mosh pits going early.

As the crowd had filled up the venue just in time for Lamb of God, it was pretty clear that the band themselves would've had the drawing power to headline this arena on their own. The crowd went absolutely mental as soon as the drop hit in the opening track “Memento Mori” and they never seemed to slow down. The set hit most of their albums, but focused heavily on older tracks from Ashes of the Wake and As the Palaces Burn.

Vocalist Randy Blythe’s intensity is unmatched when it comes to metal vocalists, and with the energy and stage presence he brings, it's hard believe that he’s 52 and going just as hard almost 30 years later. Closing out the set, Blythe dedicated “Redneck” to fallen Pantera members, Dimebag Darrell and Vinnie Paul, who, though gone from this world, are still heavily part of this tour and the legacy of the group. Though their set was only an hour, the group made the most of it, but they definitely could've played another 30 minutes and the crowd would've been thrilled.

As a massive curtain with the Pantera logo emblazoned upon it was raised to cover the stage, the anticipation grew once again. Guitarist Zakk Wylde ran out into the pit and took videos of the arena as the barricade fans realized just who it was; it took the crowd a moment, as it was one of very few times that his face wasn't completely obscured by his long hair. Singer Phil Anselmo took to the stage, barefooted, dressed in a Child Bite shirt and black gym shorts. After testing the microphones, he moved to the sides of the curtain, waving and saying “thank you” to fans along the sides of the arena.

This tour is all about legacy, and the opening video made that very clear as it showed footage from throughout the history of Pantera, including live stage videos and wild offstage antics. Original Pantera members Phil Anselmo and Rex Brown were joined by Wylde on guitar and Anthrax’s Charlie Bennante on drums, whose kit was adorned with the faces of guitarist Dimebag Darrell and original drummer Vinnie Paul; yet another tribute to the lost members.

Anselmo’s intensity is all through his harsh vocals, as he slowly paced back and forth along the stage. “A New Level” saw the pit kick up as the crowd stomped around in a massive circle. There was a wide age range to the crowd in the pit, as older fans were re-energized and holding their own, slamming into people 20 years younger than them. As usual, Wylde was firmly planted in place, swinging his hair with no end as he focused on doing what he does best: shredding.

Moshers were given some breathing room, as “This Love” and “Flood” offered a recess from the angry riffs to reflect on some of the band's history, the latter featuring highlights of Pantera’s time with Dimebag Darrell and Vinne Paul played over the video screens. “For Legacy” is certainly a fitting tour name, as the lost members of Pantera are still present in many forms. 

Even metalheads who don’t know much about Pantera should know the track “Walk,” and it received a massive crowd reaction as the audience's voices boomed out, shouting along to the chorus. The track has solidified itself as a classic, and the fact that fans get to see it live again after many years is awesome.

Pantera’s tour rolls on with a few more dates, before they head internationally and back to the United States in support of Metallica.

Feb. 22 - Madison Square Garden - New York, NY

Feb. 24 - CFG Bank Arena - Baltimore, MD

Feb. 26 - Scotiabank Arena - Toronto, ON

Feb. 27 - Centre Vidéotron - Québec City, QC

You can see all upcoming dates here

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