Jackson Tujo

Rain City Drive - Cutting it Close (Reimagined) Review

Music Scene Media
Jun 11, 2023
1 min read

On June 9th, Rain City Drive released “Cutting it Close (Reimagined)”, a new, remixed version of the track off their self-titled album. Rain City Drive is known for combining pop and R&B influences with an aggressive rock edge. “Cutting it Close (Reimagined)” flips their usual sound on its head and offers a unique take on one of their definitive tracks. 

While the original version of “Cutting it Close” offers aggressive vocals and hard rock riffs, the reimagined version is driven by synths and clean guitars with mellow vocals from Matt McAndrew. The rock version of the track is easy to headbang to, while the remix is easier to relax or even study to. Rain City Drive gives fans the option of listening to one of their definitive tracks regardless of the mood of the listener. 

While Rain City Drive is known for their hard rock combined with pop influences, they dive completely into the R&B and pop deep end with “Cutting it Close (Reimagined)”. This remixed version would not feel unfamiliar on an Ed Sheeran album, opening up their music to a much wider audience. With the release of this track, Rain City Drive showcases their talent by pushing the boundaries of their sound. 

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