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Talk to a Friend: An Interview with Matt McAndrew of Rain City Drive

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Dec 10, 2023
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Thriller Records' Rain City Drive have had quite the year performing on massive tours supporting bands such as Dance Gavin Dance and Our Last Night, releasing their new single "Frozen" (check out our review for the single here), and dominating the rock charts on SiriusXM's Octane Radio! For those who aren't familiar with Rain City Drive, they are a post-hardcore band that was initially formed under the name of Slaves in 2014, with the band changing their name to Rain City Drive in 2021. The band is widely known for their songs "Blood Runs Cold," "Talk to a Friend," and "Cutting It Close." Rain City Drive's uniquely passionate themes, addicting melodies, and heavy-hitting instrumentals set them apart from other successful bands in the scene. I had the chance to coordinate an exchange with frontman, Matt McAndrew, about the release of "Frozen," the band's rise in popularity, and what the future may hold for the band!

MSM: With the release of your newest single, “Frozen,” what kind of approach did you take when writing it, and how did it differ from your previous work?

MATT MCANDREW: We wrote Frozen with Erik Ron who we also did Blood Runs Cold with. We wanted to recapture a similar vibe. 

MSM: Since rebranding from Slaves to Rain City Drive, you have had a lot of newfound success and airtime on SiriusXM. How has the response impacted the band?

MATT: Octane has made such a difference to the band. We always meet fans on the road that discovered us listening to Octane. Shout out to Vinny and Jose!

MSM: You were recently on a massive tour supporting Dance Gavin Dance. What was the general consensus been among each crowd?

​​MATT: All crowds/shows are different but we had a blast playing places like Pier 17 and The Shrine. The response to our set was really solid. 

MSM: Speaking of touring, you’ve toured with countless big names over the years. If you could choose any artist to tour with, who would they be and why?

MATT: One band that comes to mind is Bring Me the Horizon. Their album Sempiternal is what got me into heavier music and I think it’s really cool how they’re constantly evolving their sound and image.

MSM: When it comes to brainstorming ideas for new material, are there any influences (artists, current events, life experiences, etc.) that inspire you to write your songs?

MATT: I try to keep discovering new songs/artists for inspiration but I also enjoy revisiting those records that made me want to do music in the first place. Lyrically, I always pull from my personal life- everything is autobiographical. 

MSM: With the current state of the music industry, traditional album sales and radio time are not as commercially sustainable compared to releasing singles and streaming. Has this presented a challenge for your band when it comes to picking/choosing what material you end up releasing?

MATT: I think releasing solid albums can still be really helpful to bands, especially in rock where fans seem to still have interest in them. Ultimately, you need strong singles to get the word out, but sometimes it’s an album track that makes someone a fan for life.

MSM: In terms of your success, does your band have any long term goals that you hope to achieve over time? If so, what would those goals be?

MATT: Our goal was always to get on the radio and play festivals. Now we’re working on more terrestrial radio and eventually headlining festivals. 

MSM: With the release of your newest single, “Frozen,” could you tell us what might be next for the band?

MATT: We’re releasing a new album in 2024 and you can catch us on tour with Dayseeker in the spring.

MSM: To wrap things up, do you have any closing remarks and/or messages you would like to tell your fans?

MATT: As always, thank you for listening! 

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Watch the official music video for "Frozen" by Rain City Drive on YouTube

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